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Monster Hunter: History and legacy of one of Capcom’s most popular sagas – Xbox

Capcom can boast of having some of the most beloved IPS in the industry, from the mythical Street Fightergoing by Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, *text muted* May Cry, Megaman, Darkstalkers and many more names that are loved and longed for by all of us who have been in the world of video games for many years. But there is a name that stands out for its great popularity and number of sales, we refer to Monster Hunter.


This time, in order not to make the large amount of information regarding the franchise so extensive, we will only base ourselves on those games of the main line and we will leave out relaunch and even spin-offs, focusing specifically on its evolution during the not inconsiderable years. 19 years old that has this IPhaving reached the industry and set a precedent.

And this title was born in the land of the rising sun, we are talking about Japan, whose place housed the best electronic entertainment companies at the time. To make it even more plausible, his arrival was in one of the systems that prevailed during that time in the 2000s, in the legendary Playstation 2at a time marked by the leadership of this console and whose dominance was overwhelming compared to its competition.


monster hunter 1 cover

Thus, the first title, with the name Monster Hunter, It was released on Playstation 2 in the year 2004 in Japan, America and other regions.. Its differentiating factor was the fact of putting ourselves in the shoes of a hunter who was in charge of some assigned tasks, defeat monsters (the main one), making use of exploration and trying to survive in the heat of battle. With this we obtained resources (from combat and also from monsters) that we could transform into precious objects to improve our armor or weapons.

And not satisfied with improving our equipment, we also spent hours looking to improve our hunter rank to give us a certain level, the game despite not having an instant success, did enjoy a lot of popularity, at least in Japan initially. Let us remember that on this earth monsters had already predominated for a long time and we refer to pokemon from nintendoso this title of Monster Hunter it was an experience that I did not intend to emulate or compete with the success of Nintendo and its pocket monsters, but to a certain extent it offered us something different.

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monster hunter 1

Monster Hunter has been on all machines for 19 years… except Xbox

Y Capcom seeing the potential of the franchise, he ventured to take the game (Monster Hunter Freedom) to the portable console of sonyin his mythical PSPmanaging to capture the attention of the Japanese public, which has always opted for portable experiences, managing to reap a high number of sales, being so good, that they decided to go for the second game of the franchise, Monster Hunter 2, launched in PlayStation 2 in 2006Nevertheless, Capcom by finding the portable ecosystem of PSPrepeated again with this sequel (Monster Hunter Freedom 2) in said system. Obtaining, this time, astronomical numbers in sales and surpassing its sister PS2 and thus consolidating the success with the name of Monster Hunter.


And although the formula still remained intact, the game continued to win fans, managing to come up with a third name sequel, Monster Hunter Tri, in 2009only this time it was accompanied by the launch on a different console, it was no longer Sony with its Playstation the standard-bearer, in her place was Nintendo and his wii console. Offering us what came to revolutionize the franchise, with its online multiplayer mode, sharing experience with up to 4 players in story modewithout forgetting the great monsters and the new environments that were added to the already wonderful experience.

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Once again, given the success of this third installment, the game came to laptops PSP (Monster Hunter Freedom 3)/ Nintendo 3DS (Monster Hunter Ultimate), reaffirming that sales were not intended for desktop consoles and that the portable sector gave amazing sales figures, so the story was repeated again in which portables far exceeded the numbers of home consoles. Already at this point the phenomenon of Monster Hunter had reached the West thanks to Nintendo with their consoles Wii and 3DSthere was no doubt that we would have more games guaranteed in the future, with the new goose that lays the golden eggs for Capcom.

Monster Hunter Games for PSP - YouTube

And given the game’s leaps and bounds in terms of popularity, in this new continuation of the name, Monster Hunter 4 (and later Ultimate version), launched in 2013there was a change that nobody expected, but given the trend in portable systems, it was evident that the next step was to leave this new installment to another portable system, the Nintendo 3DS the one chosen exclusively for this console and further consolidating the Monster Hunter saga. It was a continuation title, with more monsters, bigger settings and keeping the acclaimed multiplayer mode (if something works, it’s better not to touch it).


Monster Hunter World marks the arrival on Xbox

But given the constant technological evolution and with better resources available, it was time to take the beloved saga to an even higher level, the new title that came to take a giant step was, Monster Hunter World, that It came out for the year 2018, on Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC consoles. Despite not being a series of cutting-edge games at a graphic level, this new installment It was a radical change visually.offering us beautiful settings, large and highly detailed creatures, with day and night cycles, with a technical marvel that left this new continuation very high.

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Monster Hunter World

With the above, we can understand that a redefinition of everything we knew about the saga came, reaching a balance at the playable level and offering us great difficulty, accompanied by all this new visual aspect. All of this helped this new title to boost sales and obtain numbers never seen before (more than 18 million units sold), making it clear that this was the new ceiling for Monster Hunter. A barrier that seemed difficult to overcome, but as always, this industry is beautifully surprising and its new continuation, baptized, Monster Hunter Risewas released exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Anecdote: There is a Monster Hunter movie, it came out in 2020, it was starred by Milla Jovovich and directed by her husband Paul W. Anderson Like Resident Evil!

This new title, which took its first step on the console of Nintendolater accompanied with a release in pchas managed to reap sales of about 11 million units. And this installment incorporated playable improvements such as the new cordoptera, offering us more dynamism with the character, also with a better stage desEsports Extrasand with a rich exploration that invites us to go for more and without neglecting its online component that is as solid as a rock. Undoubtedly, Capcom knows its franchise and the changes it has made have given each new installment a new air, although the formula remains the same and leaving a series of games that has left an unparalleled legacy before us, creating an immersive and new experience in each new iteration, Well done Monster Hunter!.


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