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Monster Hunter Rise exceeds 12 million units sold

For a few years, Monster Hunter It has become a true global phenomenon, as demonstrated by its most recent deliveries. Not surprisingly, Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise keep on sweeping and its sales already exceed 12 million units worldwide, a figure that it has reached in less than two years since its original release for Switch. Later, it also came to PC and last month it was released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The latest data that Capcom had shared about the game confirmed that on December 31, 2022 the title had reached 11.7 million units. Now, to celebrate its 12 million, the company wanted to share with fans a special illustration that you can see in this same news.

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The successful hunts for Monster Hunter Rise

As in the rest of the main installments of the saga, the title offers us an action and role-playing adventure in which we will have to kill dangerous beasts to get materials with which to forge increasingly powerful equipment which, in turn, would allow us to deal with stronger creatures.

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We remind you that Monster Hunter Rise features, both on Switch and PC, a Esports Extrasntic expansion called sunbreak which adds a multitude of new features, new equipment to forge, high difficulty missions, systems and monsters to hunt while. The rest of the platforms will come later.


sunbreak is a fantastic expansion that elevates Monster Hunter Rise to a new level. Not only does it take care of adding a lot of interesting and challenging quality content to keep us entertained hunting for months, but it also manages to polish and refine all aspects of the game, be it with new mechanics, gameplay or subtle changes. improvements that may not be very apparent at first, but that are very noticeable in the medium and long term” we tell you about its expansion in the analysis that we dedicate to it in vandal. Of course, we also have a complete guide in Spanish.

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