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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak confirms date for its next big update

Capcom has offered news of Monster Hunter Rise and its expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here we bring you everything we have been able to confirm about it.

After the announcement of new Pro Controllerin this case we have been able to know the release date of its great free update 4: it will be available on February 7, 2023.


We also remind you of release schedule of all the outstanding updates planned for 2023. You have it below:

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update schedule

August 10 – Free Title Update 1

  • Bazelgeuse Magma, Lunar Nargacuga and other monsters
  • rare species monsters
  • Special Species Monsters
  • New Location: Abandoned Area

September 29 – Free Title Update 2

  • Flaming Thorns, Violet Mizutsune, and Rising Chameleos
  • Monsters of rare species and subspecies
  • boosted monsters
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November 24 – Free Title Update 3

  • various monsters
  • Special Species Monsters
  • boosted monsters
  • Add the option of adjust mission level for anomaly investigations. For example, after getting a level 31 quest and reaching level 100 on that quest, you will be able to freely change the level within that range.
  • Add the ability to increase the barrage level for level 6 or 7 barrages through crafting (max level is 8)
  • Add the possibility of adjust various settings for followers, such as whether or not they ride wyverns when they are in the same area as you or others, whether they set traps, and more.
  • More details here
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February 7, 2023 – Free Title Update 4

2023 – Free updates

  • This image has been shared, where you can see an update for this winter and another for this spring, both in 2023:

What do you think? If you are interested, you have our complete coverage of Monster Hunter Rise at this link. You can also find our coverage of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion here.



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