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MontanaBlack settles with German Twitch: “Disgusts me – 95% of people have no talent”

Twitch streamer Erik “MontanaBlack” Eris said in a Feb. 1 stream that he fled to the internet in 2014 to escape “Hartz IV” TV, but the internet is now also infested with substandard content. What he sees on Twitch in Germany disgusts him.

MontanaBlack says: The streamer had a nostalgic moment on Twitch on February 1, 2022. He told his viewers that they would certainly miss a few things that used to be there. He also misses a few things, such as the internet from the past.


According to MontanaBlack, the internet wasn’t that full of people in 2014 or 2015. Back then there were “two handfuls of people” who could really entertain. Today it is easier than ever to earn money with the Internet, so today there is “all shit” on the Internet, “all stupid people.”

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He says:


The longer I do this, diggah, the more shit there is on the internet. I have the feeling that when I scroll through TikTok a bit or I’m on Twitch Germany, I have the feeling that I’m watching Hartz IV shit on RTL 2, but I’m actually still on mine beloved internet platform Twitch. […]

The German market Twitch – that disgusts me. Sure, there are some good ones, but most of the people – no offense intended – who make the content here disgust me. I just think it’s a fall, Diggah. They just have no talent.

He doesn’t have the talent to juggle 3 dildos at the same time, but he can entertain people for a long time and has the talent to talk. 95% of people lack this quality.

The segment starts at around 17:15 minutes:


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MontanaBlack again criticizes streamers who are heavily sexualizing and promoting their content on Twitch to attract viewers to Onlyfans where they can monetize their content:

You just don’t need talent anymore to be successful on the internet. Are you talentless on Twitch? Then just show your tits, then you’ll earn money. Excellent. That’s the employer I’m moving towards myself.

MontanaBlack said it’s not that he doesn’t begrudge people something or “want to have more”: he’s just criticizing his employer, for whom he has worked for 10 years.

MontanaBlack criticizes Twitch’s RTL-2

Why is that? MontanaBlack says it’s easier than ever to make money online. Even those who are completely talentless can go into a battle on TikTok, lose it and then put something up their butt as punishment and cash in on it.

MontanaBlack says he fled to the Internet around 2014 from a TV that actively contributed to dumbing down people. You noticed that it was inauthentic, people only acted and didn’t even have the talent for it.


He cites formats such as “Farmer is looking for a wife” or “Blaulichtreport” as an example. That’s why he went online and put together what he was watching himself. But now “More and more stupid people” have arrived on the Internet.

MontanaBlack’s career and life in 2 minutes: what makes him special?


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Are there also streamers that he likes? We know from the past that MontanaBlack appreciates the German streamers Elotrix and Trymacs. From the US, he mostly follows gambling streamers like Rohstein and Trainwreck. He also seems to have a soft spot for Tfue.

That’s behind it: As one of the most popular German Twitch streamers, MontanaBlack in particular is taken by critics as an example of the “brutalization of customs and language”.


The fact that he in particular is complaining about a drop in level should come as a surprise.

As an example of streamers that MontanaBlack sharply criticizes, this twitch couple can serve:

German twitch couple wants hype, reaps hate – Even MontanaBlack is embarrassed