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Moon Studios’ next project will revolutionize a genre or be a complete disaster | we are xbox

The director claims that the next project from Moon Studios will revolutionize a genre, making it clear that development will spare no expense. It is very unusual to see this type of comment from senior managers, which makes this topic very interesting.


The person responsible for these statements was Thomas Mahler, creative director and leader of Moon Studios. Through his Twitter, he made the dimensions of his game currently in development very clear. Although nothing has been seen of him, the CEO of the developer seems to have high hopes for his work, still in progress.

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Moon Studios' next project will revolutionize a genre

Moon Studios’ next project will revolutionize a genre, that’s what the CEO of Moon Studios hopes

The genre they are targeting is the ARPG, with the Diablo and Path of Exile saga as its greatest exponents. Thomas Mahler did not save anything and pointed to these two as his rivals to win, the games that his project in the process must overthrow.


Moon Studios’ next project will revolutionize a genre or become a game with no return on investment, a risky move that the CEO of Moon Studios takes with great confidence

It is curious to see how, now that they are separated from Microsoft, they decide to invest a large budget and time when another company acts as their publisher, a less ostentatious one. Who will take care of publish this game is Private Divisionwho must have been enthralled with the Moon Studios proposal, with some fear of seeing a lower return on their investment when it goes on sale.

The study has been working on this ambitious ARPG for many years. It was in 2019 when the first job offers were shown, far from the Ori saga. Why Moon Studios has made the decision to enter a genre far removed from their recent work with the promise of creating a revolutionary product is a mystery.