More free games from Epic Games. A dark fantasy RPG and a light platformer arrive this week | Top News

more free games from epic games. a dark fantasy rpg

Tom Henry

More free games from Epic Games. A dark fantasy RPG and a light platformer arrive this week | Top News

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Another Thursday, it’s time to celebrate the arrival of the new free games in the Epic Games Store. On this occasion, videogames couldn’t be more different from each other, and from now on you can get hold of Black Book and Dodo Peak without going through the box, although only for a limited time.

As usual, it is worth clarifying that these gifts are not free trials that Epic Games gives us, but the complete titles that, once redeemed, They will remain forever in our libraries. without the need for subscriptions or activity so as not to lose them. They are literally that, free games to keep you.

Free games from the Epic Games Store this week

To begin with, on the one hand we have Black Book, a Slavic mythology RPG that has become the headliner this week. Putting us in the feet of a young sorceress, you will have to use cards to defeat dark forces and follow your path in a world where magic and human beings coexist with some difficulty.

Dodo Peak, on the other hand, is anything but dark. In this curious platform with an arcade and retro touch, you are going to be a dodo that seeks to save its young. With 60 different levels to choose, it is a much more bearable experience that will be ideal if you want to look for something not heavy at all.

As usual, these gifts have an expiration date. From today to the next Thursday at 5:00 p.m. (peninsular time) you can get these games without going through the box. Of course, do not forget! Next week they will stop being free and you will have to pay for them if you want them.

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