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More money and cheaper purchases, Warzone 2 adjusts its economy

The second season update Call of Duty: Warzone 2 take a different path to the real economy. Infinity Ward Y RavenSoftware have confirmed that with the new update players more money can be found throughout the map in addition to the fact that the products are cheaper. If you have crocodiles in your pockets and you don’t like to spend money or on video games, the new season of Warzone 2 it is made for you.

For several weeks the most common in the battle royale they have been complaining about the abusive prices as well as the difficulty of getting money. Poverty and loss of purchasing power has not only been affecting the real world, but in this case it will be much easier, and possible, to fix this player’s monetary problem. With the new season, players will be able to find much more money on the map. More information in figures and percentages is still unknown, but the news has pleased a large part of the community.


The new season of Warzone 2 regulates the economy

Creating more money is not the only method with which Infinity Ward he wants to fight economic problems. In the statement they have also confirmed that theprices will drop considerably. Therefore, the most stingy have not benefited in one way, but in two. These last two modifications generate a combination that is more than accepted by the players. If this were an economics class, we would warn that all this could cause the currency to lose value, but since it is a video game we are all happy.

As in the first change, the actual figures for these “rebates” are not exactly known either. They are not the only changes that have come with the second season, because, as was confirmed weeks ago, they want the return of 1vs1 in the Gulag to the shooter. The next big update Warzone 2 it will be on wednesday february 15 and it will bring significant changes like these.


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