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More than 5 million players have already enjoyed Deathloop since its launch

deathloopthe original first-person shooter developed by the talented team at Arkane Studios, has already been enjoyed by more than 5 million players worldwide since it went on sale in September 2021 for PlayStation 5 and computers, although last year it came to Xbox Series X / S and Xbox Game Pass. The company has shared other striking statistics, such as that Colt has spent more than 190 years invisible with the Ether Slab and has made almost seven round trips to the moon, while more than 2.8 billion bullets have been fireda real barbarity.

“5 million players! Thanks for joining us on this adventure. blackreef. We hope you have enjoyed your stay. To celebrate, we’ve compiled some stats on how you’ve spent your time on the island. It is difficult to say which is more impressive. Seven round trips to the Moon or how much you like to be invisible”, we can read in the tweet. On the other hand, it has also been revealed that players have spent 70,933 years in blackreef as coltbeing Karl’s Bay the least deadly zone and updaam the most deadly, in addition to the fact that 79% of deaths have been caused by firearms, while 8% have occurred in melee combat.

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What did we say at the time about Deathloop?

deathloop is one of those games that do not leave indifferent. The new from Arkane is a very original title in its structure, in the world that he builds and even in his gameplay: although it undoubtedly collects many things from Dishonored, he shakes them so that the moment to moment of the game is perceived quite differently. It is a hilarious piece of work, both when it makes our neurons move and when it makes us move through brilliantly designed levels that are traversed with incredible agility and satisfaction thanks to Colt’s powers”, we concluded.