More than just Stardew Valley with fairies

Sam Gilbert

more than just stardew valley with fairies

Fae Farm describes itself as cozy and enchanted. We can also share this impression after testing the game extensively. Here you will find out what exactly makes Fae Farm a good game and whether the game is suitable for you. You have recently been able to buy the game for PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Story: Welcome to Azoria!

Your story in Azoria begins after you wash up on the beach of the small village. The mayor of the town welcomes you with joy and immediately offers you to take over the old farm near the village center. Here you will find a cozy house and enough land to start a successful farm. The villagers are happy to meet you.

You quickly notice how friendly the residents of Azoria are to you. Everyone wants to familiarize you with their own world and show you how to make your stay in Azoria the best one ever. You will make friends with the villagers who will give you useful tips and help you progress in the story.

The residents of Azoria warmly welcome you!
The residents of Azoria warmly welcome you!

Gameplay: A quiet game with a fun factor

At first glance, Fae Farm’s gameplay is similar to other games with a similar premise. Examples of similar games include the popular Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Nevertheless, Fae Farm brings new elements to the genre that can have a significant impact on your gaming experience. Overall, the game is very risk-free, especially at the beginning. You can plan your days the way you like and don’t have to worry too much about achieving arbitrary goals. Ultimately, it is your own desire to explore that drives you to explore more of Azoria.

Gameplay to your liking

It was particularly important to the developers of Fae Farm that the game could adapt to the wishes of individual players. For example, you can avoid enemies while searching for resources unless you really want to fight. In general, the game doesn’t dictate much to you. Although the villagers’ tasks guide you through the most important mechanics and story points, how you use your time in the game is ultimately up to you.

Fae Farm is therefore the ideal game for anyone who prefers a calm, stress-free gaming experience. For example, even the villagers don’t hate you if you don’t show up for a few days. After all, you are a busy person who always has a lot to do. The game generally has hardly any micromanaging features. While in other games like Harvest Moon most of the day is spent working through to-do lists, Fae Farm gives you more freedom.

If you become very good friends with a villager, then you have more options than just a good friendship. And don’t worry, if you change your mind again and prefer a different resident, your previous partner will simply forget what happened. There are no broken hearts on Azoria.

An individual experience

Another feature of Fae Farm is the high level of customization of almost everything. You can customize the world of Azoria and your farms to suit your needs. Yes, you read that right, Fae Farm allows you to manage several farms at the same time. The farms are located in different areas of the map, which is why it is important to explore them all. This is the only way you can get all available resources. For example, you can keep different animals on different farms and find ingredients that are not available in other areas.

At the start, your farm is an inconspicuous piece of land.
At the start, your farm is an inconspicuous piece of land.

How you divide your resources between the farms is up to you and has a lot to do with personal preference. As the name suggests, magic and wondrous creatures also play an important role in Fae Farm. However, if you are more of a realist, then you might prefer the first farm that comes closest to reality.

Almost endless possibilities

We already had the opportunity to play Fae Farm before Gamescom 2023. After a while we felt like we had explored a good part of the game. However, when we got to see an exclusive version of the game at Gamescom, it became clear how wrong we were. The game state that we were allowed to explore at the fair was not fully developed and yet it seemed to us as if we were playing a completely different game.

There were so many options and things to try that we hadn’t seen before despite playing for hours. Here we realized how expansive and detailed the world of Fae Farm really is. There is always more to discover and new things to experience.

Multiplayer mode for shared fun

Fae Farm is a single player game in itself and can be played entirely as such. However, if you like to play with friends, you can team up in this game. For example, you can invite friends to your farm who can then support you in your projects. It is important to note that the multiplayer mode works a little differently than, for example, in Animal Crossing.

If you join a friend’s game world, your character will adapt to your friend’s game progress. So you enter the game at the point where your friend is currently. You don’t bring any objects from your own farm with you, nor do you take them back with you. This means that even players who are just at the beginning of the story can join friends’ more advanced farms.

A dungeon in Fae Farm.
A dungeon in Fae Farm.

The graphic desEsports Extrasof Fae Farm

Fae Farm was developed for the PC and the Nintendo Switch. We mainly tested the game on the PC. The graphic desEsports Extrasand performance of the game certainly impressed us. The world is lovingly designed and the style of the game matches the content. Azoria seems like a colorful, bright and yet idyllic world that captivates you.

Performance on the Switch

Unfortunately, we noticed at Gamescom that the game’s performance depends heavily on the console you’re playing on. For example, loading times on the Switch are significantly longer and overall the game feels less fluid compared to the PC. This is mainly due to the age of the console, which has been showing more and more problems with modern games for a long time.

However, that doesn’t mean the game isn’t playable on the Switch. The Switch version is also sufficiently optimized and offers what you would expect from a console with this technical equipment. Switch players in particular often don’t care that games don’t run as smoothly as on a gaming PC, which is also a lot more expensive.

Conclusion on Fae Farm

Overall, Fae Farm was able to convince us throughout. The game may not look like much at first glance, but it quickly shows its strengths. We were particularly pleasantly surprised by the high degree of customization and the freedom that the game gives you. The game may be similar to other titles in the genre, but it is still an experience of its own that other games do not offer. Casual gamers in particular will find what they are looking for here. If you just want to turn on the switch in the evening and relax a bit, you will be happy with Fae Farm.

The multiplayer mode in particular makes the game stand out from the crowd. The game offers you even more opportunities to explore the world of Azoria together. Fae Farm is a game that grabs you and pulls you into its world. Once you start exploring Azoria, it’s hard to stop. After all, you want to explore and do everything, even if the possibilities seem almost endless.

Fae Farm is available for PC and Nintendo Switch. The game for the Nintendo Switch currently costs around 60 euros. You only pay around 40 euros for the PC version on Steam, but a premium version for 60 euros is optionally available.


  • Quiet, relaxing atmosphere
  • Gameplay to your liking
  • Multiplayer mode
  • High customizability


  • Switch version is slightly weaker
  • Quite high price

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