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Mortal Kombat 2: actresses of ‘Sabrina’ will be Kitana and Jade in the film

mortal kombat 2: actresses of 'sabrina' will be kitana and

The violent fighting game franchise is making headlines with more than the recently announced game. The sequel to the 2021 film is also making the press wet with its ‘casting’ announcements. Now we know who will be the actress who will play Princess Kitana and who will be her bodyguard Jade in the movie Mortal Kombat 2.

Before telling you who they are, we invite you to read our review of the first movie.


A few days ago it was revealed that Tati Gabrielle —whom we know from Sabrina’s hidden world and Uncharted: Off the Map— will play Jade. Now we know that one of her companions from the Netflix series will be the princess of Outworld. The actress Adeline Rudolph —whom we also saw as the adult Billie Wesker in the recent series of resident Evil— will be Kitana in Mortal Kombat 2.

They have already revealed the name of the actress who will play Kitana in the movie Mortal Kombat 2 and also who Jade will be in the same film.

We do not know if the roles of Kitana and Jade will be respected in the movie of Mortal Kombat 2, because the first film had big changes compared to the video game. In the 1993 title in which these characters were introduced, Kitana was the princess of Outworld and adoptive daughter of Shao Khan, while Jade was a secret character who acted as his defender from the shadows. Both quickly went from villains to heroines.

If you are wondering about the third girl in the game, Mileena, you should remember that she appeared in the first movie. She was played by Sisi Stringer, but she was eliminated.

This film, which will also have Simon McQuoid in the director’s chair, does not yet have a set release date. Karl Urban is also involved in the production and could play Johnny Cage.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter