Moss: Book II anticipates with a 12-minute gameplay that will arrive on PlayStation VR in just a few days

Tom Henry

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Great surprise that Polyarc has just left us by having confirmed the release date of Moss: Book II. As it was planned to happen, the game will be released this spring and it will be very soon, because it will be the next March 31st When is this sequel coming? In just two weeks!

Quill will return with this new adventure for PlayStation VR that will be set right after the events of the first Moss. And best of all, you won’t have to go far to see what he’ll look like, because Sony has published an extensive 12-minute gameplay that you have above accompanying the news.

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So you can take a look at the new scenarios, among which there are some already known, along with the challenges that will await our little protagonist, who will have new functionssuch as the ability to interact with the environment to make vine bridges grow on the walls.

They will await you on your new journey new enemiesamong which is the Ripper, which can be grabbed and thrown like a wrecking ball, but you will also be more prepared than ever, since you will have at your disposal new weaponsincluding a powerful hammer to crush anything.

To make this second installment more special, Quill will be able to climb the walls and thus reach higher places, which will make the game have more platform elements. In any case, its creators promise that Moss: Book II will improve everything on its predecessorsomething that we will be able to verify very shortly.

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