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Motive Studios wanted to recreate Dead Space as we remember it, not as it really was | we are xbox

Know what Motive Studios was looking to recreate Dead Space as we remember it may sound somewhat unrealistic. Some workers, like one of the leaders of Motive and art director of Dead Space 2, Mike Yazijian, were part of the original games, but this was not a rule. Most were fans of the franchise.


So, get to work creating a Dead Space remake, one of the survival horror most relevant medium, and trying to work on something as abstract as the memories of the players who tried it in 2008 is a risky idea to say the least. Even so, time, the players and their financial and media support do nothing more than agree with the developer.

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The art of recreating Dead Space as we remember it

Motive Studios sought to recreate Dead Space as the aging memory of the original experience.

As we can gather from the latest update on the game’s official blog, when the project came into the hands of Motive Studios, there were no dissenting voices, everyone wanted to start now. In fact, when the studio inevitably grew due to the importance of the project, all the new additions They came to work on Dead Spaceso the passion was assured.

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Redoing it was not a whim for them, they really had the conviction that the original could be improved thanks to the facilities of this time. Fifteen years later, the technology offers improvements in lighting, audio and charging times. Besides, the market for survival horror is bigger than everso bringing an icon of this genre and attracting new players was a unique opportunity.

As Roman rightly points out, Motive Studios he was looking to recreate Dead Space as we remember it. He claims that memories of that 2008 game have drastically exalted the original product. That is why, given the high expectations, aiming at recreate dead space as the only basis it would have been a mistake. That the players find the sensations they remember is a sEsports Extrasof success for the entire team in charge of the remake.