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MrBeast pays for eye surgery to 1000 people and the networks catch fire

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has once again made headlines around the world. This content creator is always in the spotlight of the public eye due to the videos he posts on his YouTube channel. In the past we already saw a representation of the ‘Squid Games‘ or that moment when gave away a private plane.

This time it has become a trend again after the publication of a video in which he helped cure the blindness of 1,000 completely random patients. Given that in many countries they do not have a Social Security that allows access to free medical treatment, MrBeast decided to help a part of these people. Such has been the impact in the first 24 hours it added more than 40 million views.


MrBeast is trending again after his latest video

We are facing a simple and simple cataract operation, an operation that lasts about 10 minutes. However, the vast majority of people who suffer from this problem do not have the resources to access an operation of this caliber. And so MrBeast wanted to help all these people by paying for the operation.

After doing this, the youtuber He has made them read certain things, among them a “you have won $10,000»which ended with the content creator entering the room with a briefcase full of money.

Of course, this has not gone unnoticed on social networks. Although we are faced with a gesture that is a priori altruistic, it doesThere are several people who recognize that the thumbnail of the video is sensationalist as could not be. Some believe that the YouTuber is taking advantage of his audience, while others believe that those are undeserved claims. Diversity of comments that have generated multiple debates on Twitter and other networks.


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