MSI has its RTX 4060 ready and… The heatsink of the RTX 4090 Ti?

msi has its rtx 4060 ready and... the heatsink of

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MSI has its RTX 4060 ready and… The heatsink of the RTX 4090 Ti?

We have seen previously unpublished models of new models of the RTX 4070 Ti and RTX 4060 by MSI at Computex. In addition to this, it has powerfully caught our attention as the brand is already presenting itself for the eventual launch of its MSI custom models of the RTX 4090 Ti and they have given us a preview of the cooling systems they will use to make possible what will be the most powerful graphics cards to date.

At Computex 2023, MSI wanted to show us why they are one of the top graphics card manufacturers by showing us new custom models of their RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 created with their cooling technologies. At the same time, they have shown us how they are preparing for the future RTX 4090 Ti that will require, due to its high power and consumption, cooling systems never seen before.

New NVIDIA RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 graphics cards from MSI at Computex


At the fair we have been able to new models of graphics cards based on NVIDIA RTX 40 by MSI. On the one hand, we have two models that make use of TORX 5.0 fans and a copper baseplate. The first is an RTX 4070, whose exact model is the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Gaming Slim 12G with triple fan design and that you can see above these lines next to the GeForce RTX 4060 Gaming X 8G that brings a double fan design, but using the same technologies of double fan.

MSI RTX 4060 Computex 2023

The third model that has caught our attention is, in this case, an RTX 4060 from MSI, specifically it is the GeForce RTX 4060 Ventus 2X Black 8G OC. This model, which you can see above these lines, brings with it two 4th generation TORX fans. And that it has a series of interesting characteristics of its own.

MSI RTX 4060

Its backplate has been modified to improve the air inlet and outlet. However, it is not for what this graphics card stands out, but for functions that make it very attractive. First of all, the fact that when the GPU reaches low temperatures it turns off the fans to reduce the level of ambient noise. The second feature is that it has additional protections against electrical problemss such as short circuits and voltage drops.

MSI prepares for the RTX 4090 Ti

MSI RTX 4090 Ti Computex 2023 Radiator

We haven’t seen any RTX 4090 Ti at Computex. However, from the MSI stand they have already let it be known that they are working on it and specifically on the cooling solutions that will be necessary to be able to maintain the high TDP that these graphics cards are going to have, which we have learned will be of 550W. The RTX 4090 Ti is expected to use the full version with all active cores of the AD102 chip and its L2 cache. That is to say, 144 SM cores and 96 MB L2 cache versus the 128 SM cores and 72MB L2 cache of the current RTX 4090.

One of the changes we’re going to see comes in the form of a new GPU cooler with a desEsports Extraspatented by MSI for its RTX 40. The concept consists of two aluminum fins tucked inside a copper fin. The set has a thickness of 1 mm, which is up to 4 times more than those used in conventional heatsinks that are usually used. Which improves the capacity of temperature reduction using the thermal conductivity of both elements in combination.

New technologies in graphics card cooling

MSI Fusion Chill

On the other hand, at such levels of energy consumption it is normal that we are going to see some other model of the MSI RTX 4090 Ti with liquid cooling. And MSI joins the upward trend of using hybrid cooling with its technology Arctic Blast. which uses a tec type radiator, to transmit heat from the GPU and VRAM of the graphics card to the coldplate, which is kept cool by a liquid coolant. The particularity of this desEsports Extrasis that it has been designed to work in confined spaces. So this is a preview that we are going to see from MSI an RTX 4090 Ti with RL.

Without leaving liquid cooling systems, we have also seen its FusionChill technology, which has as a novelty the fact that it does not use an external radiator. That is, the AiO system and the graphics card itself are created in one piece. It will be interesting to see an RTX 4090 Ti from MSI built in one piece.

RTX 4090 Ti Arctic MSI Computex 2023

Another technology that they have presented is their MSI DynaVC, which you can see in the image above and it is a steam chamber that unlike the traditional ones that have the VC and separate heat pipes. What the manufacturer has done is combine them in the form of collapsible tubes with an industrial desEsports Extrasthat seeks to eliminate the need for welding between the chamber and the heatpipes, which reduces the heat transfer distance.

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