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Multiversus will stop working online, we tell you why and when it returns

Despite its high initial popularity and even winning several awards for best fighting game of the year, this free ‘crossover’ with Warner Bros. characters has lost many players so far this year. But things are going to get even more complicated because multiversus it will stop working online very soon, it will take a “break” of more than several months and we will tell you when it returns after the closure of its open beta.

This news came to us through a statement published on the game’s official social networks. Despite the time that has passed since its release in July 2022, the game has not left its ‘early access’ status and remains in open beta. Many expected a similar news considering that it has been a long time since the release of his last character: marvin the martian.


In preparation for that moment, multiversus will disappear from digital stores for PlayStation, Xbox and PC on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. From that date we will not be able to acquire Gleamium, the currency with which we acquire characters and cosmetics.

Anyone who downloaded the game before April 4th will be able to re-download it during their time away. season 2


when will it stop working multiversus?

The statement explains that the open beta of multiversus will end on Sunday June 25, 2023 and from that date it will stop working online.

when does it work again multiversus?

The developers did not give an exact date, but they are aiming for the return of the game at the beginning of the year 2024.

After the close of the open beta, Multiversus will stop working online for a long time, but we tell you when it comes back and what will still work.

What game modes will still work in multiversus?

When the open beta ends multiversus We can only access the training mode (Laboratory) and local multiplayer games. We can also use the characters and cosmetics that we have acquired up to that moment.

Why will it stop working for so long?

According to the developers, that time is necessary to improve its ‘netcode’ (which allows you to participate in fluid battles), the matchmaking system, progression and new ways to play.


Needless to say, many players are not happy with the news. They are already protesting in forums and social networks for all the time that they will not be able to “show off” online the cosmetics and characters on which they spent money. Despite that, there will be no changes to the refund policies.

Source: official statement on the game website