Mutation Invasion is now available in Fallout 76

In Mutation Invasion, the most recent update for Fallout 76, public events began to mutate! While mutation events will be more challenging for players, the rewards will also be cooler.

Assemble a team and prepare to overcome the difficulties that await you in mutation invasion, the latest update that all Fallout 76 players can now download for free. This update also includes Season 12: Bold Rip and the Cryptid Huntadd improvements to daily operations and much more!

Public events with mutations

Mutations are evolutionary upgrades that make enemies even stronger. Every hour on the hour there will be a public event with mutations that will be indicated by a special icon. Normals will continue to spawn for the rest of each hour. In public events with mutations you will have to deal with conditions such as:

  • Camouflage Activated: Enemies will be invisible until they attack.
  • Volatile: Enemies will explode upon death.
  • Reflective Skin: Enemies will return some of the damage they take to you.

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Although mutations increase the difficulty of public events, if you survive you can enjoy great rewards. By completing Public Events with Mutations, you’ll earn loot that includes XP, Legendary items, Treasure Notes, or even a Mutation Pack that may contain unusual gifts. In addition, you can earn additional rewards by completing public events with mutations together with Fallout 1st members, whether you’re subscribed or not!

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Daily Operations Improvements

Looks like another threat needs to be added to the daily ops rogues gallery: aliens from beyond the stars have landed in Appalachia! Players will also visit three new locations in daily operations: the Capitol, the Garrahan Mining Headquarters, and the Morgantown Institute. Does your team have what it takes to survive?

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Finally, we bring you a new season to Fallout 76! Experience a journey full of dangers with an adventurous hunter expert in elusive prey with Season 12: Bold Rip and the Cryptid Hunt. Earn SCORE to rank up and unlock new rewards, from consumables to money to cosmetic items.