My Hero Academia is getting a new original episode and this time there are very special fights

Tom Henry

my hero academia is getting a new original episode and

This time, the UA High School class is fighting among themselves.

There are currently seven special episodes in which the story of My Hero Academia is expanded. In these original episodes, Deku and his friends end up in the baseball league or in tasks for the hero agency Endeavor.

Now Crunchyroll has announced that there will be an eighth OVA in which the heroes experience a new adventure. We’ll tell you what details are known so far about the new original episode.

My Hero Academia: Eighth OVA announced for fall 2023

What is the OVA about? The original episode is titled “UA Heroes Battle” and revolves around a card game of the same name. This time, the UA High School class doesn’t have to strain their bodies, but rather their minds. The episode is scheduled to take place during the winter break of season 5.

In a key visual, Deku and Bakugou can be seen having a card battle. All heroes are shown as figures on the cards:

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What does OVA mean? OVA stands for Original Video Animation. This is the name given to episodes that, in contrast to films and TV series, are produced exclusively for the video market. If you want to look up these and other abbreviations, we can recommend our Anime ABC:

How can I watch the OVA? If you find yourself in Japan next month, you’re in luck. The OVA will be shown in ten cinemas in Japan from October 20th to 26th, 2023. In addition to the original episode, you can also see the highlight from season 6, i.e. three episodes of the anime.

The performance time is around 87 minutes. This means that an episode will last on average 22 minutes. If the OVA is as long as the other original episodes, it is also as long as a normal anime episode.

Alternatively, you have to wait until the episode is shown in Europe. Crunchyroll has already confirmed that the company will air the episode “in the future.” The streaming service did not announce exactly when.

By the way, MHA fans are waiting for the fourth anime film:

My Hero Academia announces a fourth anime film and shows emotional highlights from its predecessors

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My Hero Academia announces a fourth anime film and shows emotional highlights from its predecessors

The fourth film and season 7 are in production

The OVA could pass the wait for the fourth My Hero Academia film. The film is said to be set after the Paranormal Liberation War, which takes place during the sixth season of the anime.

At the same time, work on season 7 of MHA is already beginning. Thanks to the manga, we know that the anime continues with the Star and Stripe arc. The UA Traitor arc will probably also appear in season 7 of the anime.

What do you think of OVAs? Will you watch the original episode or are you not interested?

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