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My Hero Academia: the final form of One For All for Deku is filtered

This article will contain spoilers…

We may finally see Deku unleash the full power of One For All, according to My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) chapter 368 leaks. Before further, this article will contain spoilers for chapter 367, so we recommend you read the manga that has come out in the last few hours on the MangaPlus by Shueisha service. And, it is that it will not be the only great revelation of the chapter, because we will see the quirk of the second user, completing a range of seven quirks,

According to the leaks made in the last hours, Midoriya is now capable of occupying One For All at its full capacity., this scene confirms the reason behind the “panic” Shigaraki felt when facing Bakugo, it was the fear of what would happen if he faced the second user’s quirk. The great resemblance between the hero of flames and that one, made his body react with fear, because he saw the disaster that was coming:

Now, My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) chapter 368 begins with AFO stating that Shigaraki is no longer there (at least, not as we knew him anymore). However, Mirio notes that Tomura reacted strongly to his words, so he can’t leave since he isn’t a perfect fusion. At that time, the spirit of Nana Shimura notes her son’s resemblance to Shigaraki/AFO’s arm and tells Izuku that Tomura is still there, that there is still a chance to save him.

Shigaraki/AFO jumps, destabilizing the entire platform, but Deku remains unmoved. The villain then hits the boy with a Smash and destroys the ground, but fails to affect Deku, who binds one of Shigaraki/AFO’s arms using a combination of Fa-Jin and Blackwhip, called the Black Chain. He tries to pull the villain off using the chain, but Shigaraki/AFO quickly breaks free. The second user appears behind Deku, urging him to use his Quirk, since he only has five minutes to defeat Shigaraki.

The second user’s Quirk is called Transmission and it affects the target’s speed and as a result, the user appears faster. As soon as Deku releases the pent-up energy, he gains a speed greater than the speed of sound from the attack. There are four stages, Speed ​​2, Speed ​​3, Speed ​​4, and Speed ​​5, labeled Second, Third, Top, and Overdrive, respectively. Shigaraki/AFO points out that the attack is stronger than the force field it surrounds itself with. in this chapter of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia).

Shigaraki is dead?

Deku lands three consecutive hits in quick succession: second, third, and top. The second user comments that his quirk is stronger now than when he used to use it. Deku appears behind All For One, preparing to hit him with a big, powerful Overdrive. The Second User confirms that Midoriya can now use OFA at 120% when Yoichi appears with the other vestiges. Deku hits the villain with a Detroit Smash that seems to disintegrate the particles of him.

My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) chapter 368 spoilers mention that the world is doomed unless Deku defeats Shigaraki/AFO in five minutes. While there is no clarification on this point, it likely has something to do with how long Deku can keep OFA at its full potential. Another possibility would be that this is the limit of Monoma’s ability to keep copying Erasure, which he has been doing since the start of the battle.

However, these last few scenes prove that Deku could have in fact shattered Tomura Shigaraki and All For One once and for all. Although, it is worth mentioning that these leaks are still speculativewe will have to wait for the final version of this chapter to confirm the aforementioned.

The grand finale of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

Either way, Deku seems to have managed to take full advantage of the tragedy unfolding around him, focusing on his goal and getting the job done, the anger of seeing Bakugo’s body next to him seeming to have given him the boost he needed. Not only has he mastered all of the quirks within One For All, but he has also gone on to combine them to create something unique. Hopefully, the official translation of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) chapter 368 will show Black Chain and Transmission in more detail.

deku my hero academia 368

The words of warning from the second One For All user seem to have been echoed in My Hero Academia chapter 368 (Boku no Hero Academia).

The final words of the second One For All user seem to indicate that, with some pride, this character recognizes Deku as the most powerful user of this inherited quirk and, if so, he might be able to become the next symbol of peace.


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