My Lil Everdell, the version for the little ones of the popular board game, will arrive in time for Christmas

Board game Everdell will receive a new version very shortly that will be focused mainly on the smallest of the house, whose name will become My Lil Everdell. A more familiar bet and in which they can get together groups of up to four people and children from 6 years old.

It could be a good gift for this Christmas, taking into account that it will hit stores this month and that the duration of its games is between 30 and 60 minutes, something perfect to spend an entertaining afternoon. As for the mechanics, it is very similar to the original board game.

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In this way, it will be necessary build an imaginary city placing workers, but there will be fewer resources to opt for, since these will be limited to wood, resin and berries only, with chance determining which ones will be used when rolling some dice. In turn, there will be fewer actions for each round.

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The rules are very easy to learn to make it more accessible for the whole family. In addition, the fact that the cards, as well as the tiles, have such a nice and colorful appearance will make everything more attractive. In short, a new and good way to continue enjoying the magical world of Everdell.

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