Naraka: Bladepoint comes to PS5 and becomes free on July 13

Tom Henry

naraka: bladepoint comes to ps5 and becomes free on july

The popular game Naraka: Bladepoint is finally coming to playstation 5 on July 13 after being available only on Xbox and PC. During the Naraka Fest event, it was announced that the game will also become free on all platforms once it launches on PS5.

This announcement comes along with celebrating the fact that Naraka: Bladepoint has reached the impressive milestone of 20 million players since its release.

If you are one of those who bought the game, you will receive some kind of refund. All players who have purchased the game since its release in 2021 will receive an amount of in-game gold, depending on which edition they purchased. Additionally, those who play via Xbox Game Pass will automatically be upgraded to the Ultimate Edition of Naraka: Bladepoint. It now makes more sense why the developer, 24 Entertainment, was “not at all” worried about losing sales when Naraka: Bladepoint came to Game Pass.

In addition to being available to even more players, there will be new additions to the game. A new mode called “Capture the Spirit Well” will be added, which is a 12v12 PvP mode that plays similar to most capture the flag modes. Also joining the cast of characters will be a new hero named Tessa.

A new weapon, the Dual Halberd, and plenty of PlayStation 5 exclusive goodies as well as veteran rewards are also expected. And of course, players can look forward to plenty of in-game events and rewards celebrating the second anniversary of Naraka: Bladepoint.

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