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NASA uses AI to design hardware for its spacecraft

Just as in 2022 we were able to say goodbye to cryptocurrency mining, we can also say that the rise of AI began. And it is that, in mid-2022 the first beta of Midjourney was launched, shortly after we saw Stable Diffusion and after a few months, the famous chatbot ChatGPT. The use of AI is increasingly frequent and there are cases such as the POTwhich uses AI to desEsports Extrascustom hardware which he later uses on his space missions.

Today, artificial intelligence is used to carry out a large number of tasks that would cost us a lot of time. We can use midjourney either stable diffusion to create any type of image and even desEsports ExtrasMini ITX tower concepts. But we can’t only use them to create art, because others like ChatGPT resolve our doubts to any question. His Bing implementation It has turned out to be a great success and Microsoft shows that its investment in OpenAI has a great future. But what is quite recent for us is not for NASA, since it has been using AI for a long time for a very particular task.

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NASA uses AI to desEsports Extrascustom hardware

Nasa Ship Parts

The AI They can be used in all areas and sectors that we want and yes, this includes being capable of designing very complex parts. And it is that NASA itself, a leader in aeronautical and aerospace research, uses artificial intelligence to desEsports Extrasits own custom hardware pieces. These have a totally unusual desEsports Extrasand are unlike anything we’ve seen being marketed by big brands.

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And it is that, their uses are very specific, because they are used for their scanners, space telescopes, ships and space vehicles that he uses on his missions. As we can suppose, these require a very specific design, very specific dimensions and many interactions until reaching the final product. Thus, the AI ​​that designs this type of hardware has become a indispensable tool for NASA.

AI-designed parts are lighter and stronger

NASA Evolved Structures

Ryan McClelland, a NASA research engineer, helped the agency pioneer the use of AI to make its own parts. The hardware that the AI ​​has designed has been referred to as “evolved structures“. At first glance it seems that they have no use, but Ryan assures that when using them in his projects they work. Of course, this type of desEsports Extrasrequires constant monitoring and validation by NASA, since any failure would be catastrophic. Despite this, it is impressive that structures of this type are designed by artificial intelligence.

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In addition, it indicates a series of advantages of using AI to create custom hardware, such as the fact that the resulting part can reach weigh two thirds less than if it had been manufactured in the traditional way. In fact, the process of creating these pieces is also significantly accelerated. Both the design, analysis, manufacturing and final delivery can be completed in just one week. Finally, it ensures that the parts developed by AI algorithms are much more resistant, with stress coefficients almost 10 times lower to human-designed hardware.

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