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Naughty Dog defends the gameplay of the remake of The Last of Us against accusations that it has not improved

Jonathan Benainous assures that there is no comparison between the sensations playing on PS3 compared to PS5.

The Last of Us remake, The Last of Us: Part I, is generating more and more conversation among the gaming community. The last great debate is around its gameplay since, in the official gameplay on PS5 offered by naughty doga great graphic evolution is observed but not great playable novelties.


Some fans of the franchise are unhappy because they expected more alterations in the gameplay, something to which he has responded Jonathan Benainousdeveloper of the Californian studio, coming out in defense of the work that the team has done and explaining why they have not implemented some things, such as the lay down power mechanic.

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The game was not designed to knock you downJonathan Benainous“People complain about the gameplay watching a video, but no one has really gotten their hands on the controller,” explains Benainous. “Having played both, there is no comparison between PS3 and PS5. And, as for lying down, adding it would have just broken the gameplay and combat space, since it wasn’t built that way originally.”

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To check if the new animations and the functions of the DualSense are sufficiently striking at the controls, we will have to wait a few more weeks, since the remake of The Last of Us will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5 with several editions next September 2, 2022. The development of the PC version is also underway and, according to the same developer of this news, it will not take long to arrive after the premiere on Sony’s next-generation console.

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