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Navi 32 (1+4), will arrive in 3 months at the price of RTX 4070

navi 32 (1+4), will arrive in 3 months at the

Graphics cards are very important for PC users, since they allow them to play video games and use programs taking advantage of their great speed. They are even more important than the processor and therefore the launch of a new GPU is good news for those of us who have PCs. The next GPU to be released will be the AMD RX 7800XTwhich has shown how your chip will be in a Forbes video, in addition to the fact that thanks to the leaks we know its specifications and approximate release date.

The biggest hurdle we’re experiencing when it comes to buying a new graphics card is that price-wise, or rather performance/price, there isn’t a huge advantage. We see this on both the NVIDIA RTX 40 and AMD RX 7000, where despite clear performance improvements, the price hasn’t been as great. In fact, the latest releases of NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti and AMD RX 7600have been enough disappointing.


Several AMD chips leaked, including Navi 32 for mid-range GPUs

Many hoped that AMD would be able to come up with a mid-range or mid-high range GPU, with great performance for its price. However, barring the fact that the high-end is cheaper than the NVIDIA competition, we haven’t seen that happen yet. At least in the current generation, since the RX 6000 and its numerous discounts make it worth investing in one of them if we are willing to leave NVIDIA aside. Now, thinking about future AMD graphics, it turns out that The chip of the RX 7800 XT has been revealed.

It turns out that in this Forbes video of just over 6 minutes in length where Lisa Su is interviewed, there is a moment where different Navi chips appear. ship 31 we all know him, as he brings to life the RX 7900 XT and XTX, with a GCD size of about 305mm² and if we add the MCD, it ends up occupying about 530mm². Navi 32, the one that will give life to the RX 7800 XT and other mid-range GPUs, has a GCD which measures around 200 mm² together with 4 MDC of 37.5 mm² each, which gives us an area of ​​about 350mm² in total, that is, a 34% smaller than Navi 31.


The RX 7800 XT will have 16 GB and could be out as soon as July

Navi 31 32 33 die Forbes

Now, in addition to knowing the chip size of the RX 7800 XT, we also know the specifications and its rumored release date. Navi 32, at least the entire chip, is expected to have 30 WGPwhich would give rise to 60CU (Compute Units), allowing to reach 3,840 Shader Processors. This will have a bus 256 bit, clearly superior to the RTX 4070 against which it competes, in addition to 64 MB of Infinity Cache. It is expected that Navi 32 and consequently, the RX 7800XT, get to have 16 GB GDDR6 of VRAMso we will not have to fear about the high memory consumption of the latest games.

It is expected to have a consumption of about 275W for the desktop version and the laptop version will give life to a possible Radeon 7900M. Now, about the release date, it is believed that they could arrive as soon as Q3 2023, that is, from july to september. Now that we know that it is getting closer, let’s hope that the price is better than the one we saw a few days ago, since otherwise, it would cost the same as a NVIDIA RTX 4070 with similar performance.


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