NBA 2K24 fans are upset about the new season pass

nba 2k24 fans are upset about the new season pass

Tom Henry

NBA 2K24 fans are upset about the new season pass

Two new paid season passes with premium rewards are heating up the community of this basketball game.

NBA 2K24 fans are upset about the new season pass
Kobe Bryant is the main star of this NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24, like the rest of its previous annual installments, is usually always on the best-seller and most-played lists, but that does not mean that, for some time now, community discomfort has been increasing due to the aggressive monetization policies from the Take Two game. Criticisms that have been reflected after the announcement of the new game season pass.

In the last few hours, 2K Games announced that, for the first time ever, NBA 2K24 will feature a new type of premium season pass payment that will give access to 40 rewards for a price of up to 20 dollars, which has not been liked at all by a large part of the gaming community that has let their anger be seen through social networks.

All the details of the new NBA 2K24 season pass

The fact is that there is still not much data about the new NBA 2K24 content, since all the company has announced is that they will be available soon two new season passes paid with premium rewards. On the one hand, the “Pro Pass”, which costs $9.99 and allows you to get 40 new premium rewards, and the “Hall of Fame Pass” which costs $19.99 and offers the same content, plus 15% more xp and 10 level jumps (via 2K Games).

Although they are usually industry standard pricesAs in the case of the Diablo IV season, the community hasn’t taken it too well. “Are they adding more microtransactions?!”, Sarcastically commented a Twitter user in response to this announcement. “How are we going to let this go? whatBattle pass in a $70 game?

“Remember when you bought games and then you only had games? Now it’s $60 per game and $20 a month to stay competitive“adds another user.

we will have to wait news of these new NBA 2K24 season passes in the coming days, but it is not the only controversy that plagues the Take Two group in economic matters, since the price of the Red Dead Redemption reissue was also angrily criticized last week.

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