NBA 2K24 will have three subscription levels to get rewards

nba 2k24 will have three subscription levels to get rewards

Tom Henry

NBA 2K24 will have three subscription levels to get rewards

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NBA 2K24 stand available soon and after showing its gameplay, it’s time to talk about the Season Pass, which adds to 2K24 just like many other games. Completing certain objectives within a time limit will unlock certain items that they cannot be obtained in any other way. Now, 2K has shared information about how your seasons will workincluding the price of the passes.

NBA 2K24 Season Pass: price levels and rewards

The game will have a unified progression system that combine myCAREER and MyTeam. Besides, now there will be three tiers of rewards: Free, Pro and Hall of Fame. In each season you can get to level 40 and, as expected, they will be achieved more extra rewards with higher levels of your season pass:

  • Without pass – Free: All players, whether or not they pay for a pass, will be able to earn up to 80 Tier Rewards and 40 Tier Rewards for both MyCAREER and MyTEAM.
  • Pro Pass – 9.99 : In addition to the above, an additional 40 Premium Tier rewards (one per season level) can be earned, along with VC and MTP rewards throughout the season. You can move into the Hall of Fame at any time during the season with an additional payment of 9.99.
  • Hall of Fame Pass – 19.99 : This pass includes all of the above, plus an additional Season Pass reward for up to a total of five additional rewards, 15% XP for the entire season, 10 immediate Tier Jumps, and much more.

NBA 2K24 will be available from next September 8 on PS5, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. This new appointment with the king of basketball games promises a more refined experience than ever and, as I saw, for all platforms currently on the market.

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