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Nemesis thinks: “The Champions Queue is a failure”

Riot Games has re-enabled the Champions Queue so that the professionals who participate in the World Championship 2022 have the opportunity to train on a quiet server. However, during the last few days we have come across multiple criticisms of this server. The last one has reached the hands of Tim Lipovšek «nemesis«, streamer for Gen.G.

The midlaner has published a video explaining everything he thinks about this Champions Queueproviding data on how some players who deserve to get in there and practice have been turned away, while others are there despite not giving the level. Under the name of “The Champions Queue is a failure«, Nemesis has explained everything that is happening in the ecosystem.

Nemesis talks about the Champions Queue

The idea of Champions Queue is to mimic competitive play, emulating the professional metagame and using a voice chat. All this taking advantage of a bass ping which is far from that of the normal North American server. But, as Nemesis explains, doesn’t seem to have been very successful. «It has very long queues, many players are not playing on it and some have given up, there is griefing, troll players and many other problems“said the player.

Players like Kyle Sakamaki «Danny» or Jesper Svenningsen «Zven» have left their opinion on the Champions Queue, admitting that at first it seemed like a very good idea but today it is a dead tail. This is how far it goes Champions Queue that some players have started to do ragequit and there are various clips of it.

During the video, Nemesis states that her intention was to go to America to enjoy the Worlds 2022 and participate in the Champions Queue. Nevertheless, Riot Games confirmed that he would not be able to access it. «I have been told that it is not fair, something I do not understand. But I think it’s the same reason as the one given to Caedrelthat is, being on an active roster in a league that has qualified for WorldsNemesis said.

«I think it is not fair. Caedrel is Challenger in Europe and he is probably better than many Champions Queue players. Nor have they left me who I am playing in Challenger in Korea server. I think it’s a bad decision and they lose a great opportunity to promote this Champions Queuehe continued.

What Nemesis is clear on is that if they keep rejecting players like KatEvolvedamong others, people will stop playing in it, especially when foreEsports Extrasplayers leave or stop playing because they don’t feel comfortable.

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