Netflix begins to lower the price of its subscription, but not in Spain

After what Netflix will announce restrictions on sharing your accountnow the company has begun to back down in various markets reducing the price of your subscription. Remember that earlier this month, Netflix ended the use of shared accounts in USA, Portugal, Canada and New Zealand. This move went pretty viral, but not in a way Netflix expected.

In essence, by paying the Premium subscription, to access 4K content, it has a cost of €17.99 per month. If you want to share the account with two other people, we are talking about paying 30 euro per month. The virality came because, for that price, you can sEsports Extrasup for the HBO Max, Disney+ and Amazon Prime platforms. In essence, sEsports Extrasup for 3 streaming platforms that allow you to share your account. all this, costing you even less money.

On the other hand, there is also no point in paying €17.99 per month for a single person to view content at a 4K resolution. This is because a more affordable plan, like the Standard, costs 12.99 euros per month and reproduces the content at a resolution Full HD.

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Netflix begins to lower the price of its subscription in some countries

Netflix Falling Subscribers Improvements

Seeing them coming, we now know that the company has started to reduce its prices in numerous countries. In this case, we focus on Latin Americasince it was there that the system began to be tested to prevent users from sharing their account.

The funniest thing about it is that, in the email sent to its users, the company acknowledged that Netflix users had access to more entertainment options than ever before. And that is why in order for its service to meet expectations, it was accompanied by a price reduction.

The most interesting thing is in the reduction of prices for El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador and Guatemala. These countries already had the possibility of sharing an account banned, and now they have seen the prices of the rates reduced. In this way, the Basic subscription goes from costing 7.99 to $4.99. The standard subscription goes from 10.99 to $7.99and the Premium from 13.99 to $10.99. Despite the price reduction, yes, they are still higher than the competition.

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In Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Paraguay, the prices go through $3.99 for Basic (vs. $7.99), the Standard $5.99 (vs. $10.99) and the Premium $7.99 ($13.99). To end, Panama It is the last country that joins the price reduction with $4.99 for Basic (vs. 7.99%); $7.99 for Standard (vs $10.99); $10.99 for Premium (vs $13.99).

Will Netflix raise a price drop in USA?

Unsubscribe from Netflix after preventing you from sharing your account

It is clear that if users respond by unsubscribing, the company will have no choice. to make a price reduction. If many of the people who stop sharing their account now sEsports Extrasup for the first time as popular, it is clear that Netflix will say that everything is fine and stay as such.

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This also sets a precedent. If many people decide to swallow with the price increase, this implies that the rest of the platforms will see that users swallow with anythingso they could seriously assess follow this same strategy to increase your income. In any case, looking at the price movements, if this reduction comes, it will not be that relevant either.

We would thus talk about going from paying 17.99 euros in the Premium to finally paying a few €14.99 per month in the best case. 3 euros more than acquiring HBO Max together with Disney Plus. Of course, if both services are paid annually, we are talking about paying 13.32 euros per month.