Netflix: Juvenile Justice, an absolutely unmissable Korean drama

netflix: juvenile justice, an absolutely unmissable korean drama

Tom Henry

Netflix: Juvenile Justice, an absolutely unmissable Korean drama

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The Netflix drama Juvenile Justice completely gripped us from start to finish. Our opinion on this poignant series not to be missed.

Blow to Netflix users. A few days ago, paid account sharing came into effect in France. The policy of SVOD platform has frustrated many viewers, but fortunately there is a technique to continue using Netflix account sharing for free. Good news, because in this month of June, new products are arriving in large numbers on the platform. But before diving into these movies and series fresh out of the oven, why not take a look at the quality shows that have been waiting for you for a while? As Juvenile Justice, For example. Believe us, you would be wrong to miss this poignant drama released in 2022.

Juvenile Justice, a Netflix drama not to be missed

In Juvenile Justicewe follow the story of Sim Eun Seok, a cold and ruthless judge who works in the Juvenile Justice Department of Yeonhwa District Court. The woman absolutely hates juvenile delinquents. Very quickly, we understand that Sim Eun Seok has as many demons and torments as the outlaws she confronts in court. Around Sim Eun Seok, gravitate some strong characters, like Cha Tae-Joo, a judge particularly invested in his work of reintegration of young people and who does not hesitate to question that of his colleague.

Between the cruelty of the acts committed by the young delinquents and the past of Sim Eun Seok, Juvenile Justice spare us at no time. The injustice that we can feel in view of certain situations really takes us to the guts. Especially since one of the cases dealt with in the Netflix drama (which we won’t say anything about so as not to spoil the suspense) is inspired by real events that occurred in South Korea. The series leads us to question the notions of justice, morality and quite simply to ask ourselves if they really exist.

A drama that we think about even after the end

By its atmosphere and thanks to the talent of Kim Hye-Soo, also known for her role in the series Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Juvenile Justice Captivating from start to finish. The music is rather discreet, but is perfectly in tune to reinforce the intensity of the most poignant scenes. Unlike a drama like Stranger, do not expect many twists and turns. What matters here is to address the sensitive subject of juvenile delinquency without Manichaeism, to understand the responsibilities of society in the acts of adolescents, but also the psychological springs that led Sim Eun Sook to this aversion for young delinquents. It is therefore necessary to be sensitive to the subject to better appreciate the drama, dark from the first to the last second.

In Juvenile Justice, we don’t laugh, but we sympathize, we drop a few tears, we wonder and we exchange when we can watch the series accompanied. A great tour de force that inevitably makes us want to have a season 2. This was indeed planned, but at the start of the year, rumors indicated that Netflix had canceled production.

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