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Netflix: this fantastic series narrowly saved, it pleases a lot

netflix: this fantastic series narrowly saved, it pleases a lot

After a large-scale mobilization, Netflix subscribers win their case. A fantasy series has great news to share, and bad news.


For 8 years, Netflix subscribers have discovered a ton of series, but sometimes they had to say goodbye to them a little too soon. Indeed, each time the platform felt that the success was not there, it ended in a cancellation. One of the TV shows most appreciated by viewers paid the price after its season 2, but surprise, it is about to return through the front door.

This Netflix series is finally saved…

To the chagrin of subscribers, cancellations at Netflix are legion. Overnight, the SVOD giant can decide to stop a work without even trying to offer a satisfactory conclusion. It’s the game even if at times, some do not accept it and fight with their means to reverse the trend.

After canceling the Warrior Nun series after 2 seasons, Netflix witnessed an XXL mobilization. Fans of the fantasy show first launched a #SaveWarriorNun campaEsports Extrason Twitter, similar to what was done for the SnyderVerse. Followers of Warrior Nun also got their imaginations fired up by renting a huge billboard right in front of the streaming service’s premises. The goal ? Push the firm at N rouge to renew the series for a season 3.


The relentlessness paid off since, surprise, the Netflix series Warrior Nun announces its return… but in films! It is the executive producer, Dean English, who made this big revelation on the WarriorNunSaved portal. “My name is Dean English and I’m the executive producer of Warrior Nun. I’m the one who found the comics and asked the dangerous question “What if?” “. First of all, I want to thank all the loyal fans. It is thanks to you and your incredible energy that we continue to move forward to make these stories. It’s all worth it thanks to you. Thank you very much for your unwavering support. I’m very happy to announce that Warrior Nun is returning as a movie trilogy. Yes, a trilogy of films. Three. » (via WarriorNunSaved). Netflix movies?

Credits: Netflix.

… but subscribers will not fully benefit from it

Warrior Nun is back and the news is making people happy. Some people congratulate themselves on having ” won “. Well, of course, others feel that it was not worth bringing the series back as it is “burst” as the young people say. Icing on the cake for fans and detractors, there could even be many spin-offs in films or series. Dean English said: Some may wonder if this does not open the door to a universe that could expand through films and series around characters already known. The answer is yes. We will give you more details in the future ». Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely to be on Netflix.

Subscribers will therefore be forced to go to the cinema, wait for a Direct To Video release or go to a platform other than the N red one. Maybe Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ would be takeover candidates? We’ll see, but at the moment, it’s impossible to know more. “There is one thing we need to address regarding the writers and actors strike in Hollywood. That’s why we can’t make any announcements today.” explained the one carries the old Netflix series.


Warrior Nun tells the story of an orphan, left for dead, who comes back to life with superpowers. “A teenage orphan wakes up in the morgue and discovers her new superpowers. She carries the Halo of a secret society of demon-hunting nuns. Watch as much as you want. » (via Netflix). The series is currently rated 7/10 on IMDb with over 53,000 reviews. The Rotten Tomatoes average being 84% for critics, and 97% for viewers.

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