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Netflix: Wednesday actress pushes through for Season 2: “We’re leaving out any romantic love story” | Discover News

netflix: wednesday actress pushes through for season 2: "we're leaving

The first season of the Netflix series “Wednesday” starring Jenna Ortega became an absolute hit. Recently, the actress opened up about Season 2 and revealed that an unpopular aspect from Season 1 will be left out of the sequel.

The now 20-year-old Jenna Ortega began her career as a child actress and is currently one of the most famous faces in Hollywood.


In 2022 she wowed viewers in the iconic role of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series of the same name. A second season has already been announced. As Jenna Ortega reveals, there will be one big change in the sequel that she’s excited about.

Here’s the Wednesday Season 2 announcement:


Wednesday – Season 2 Trailer

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“We’ve decided that we want to focus more on the horror”

Wednesday lead actress Jenna Ortega spoke with Elle Fanning to Variety magazine about their lives as former child stars and their work as producers.


When asked if the lead actress has anything to say about Season 2 yet, Jenna Ortega replies, “You [die Staffel] is currently a work in progress, but we’ve decided that we want to focus more on horror. We leave out any romantic love story, which is really great. We’re getting bolder, darker.”

With the romantic love story, an aspect that the leading actress has criticized in the past will be dropped in the coming season: her character’s love triangle with Tyler and Xavier.

For example, Jenna Ortega explained that the love affair made no sense to her. The actress even went so far as to alter her lines slightly, since she didn’t like the original script (via Armchair Expert).


But also many fans could not do anything with the love story in the series and found it rather inappropriate in the story. Our colleagues at Moviepilot have an article on why Season 2 of Wednesday doesn’t need a new love story.

Why is there this change now? Jenna Ortega is not only involved as an actress but also as a producer on Wednesday season 2. She now also has an influence on how her character is further developed. She tells:

“[…] With a character like Wednesday, who is so popular, I didn’t want her to be misrepresented. So I tried to have as many conversations with the authors as possible. We then decided what worked and what didn’t. […]”


When does Wednesday season 2 start? The series is expected to go into its second round on Netflix in 2024.

Another actress was also dissatisfied with her script and almost dropped out of the project because of it:

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