NeverAwake now comes to our favorite consoles, what is this game about? Worth it? Find out with our review

NeverAwake is quite an original game, we can say that it is a two stick shooter with its own set of house rules, lots of levels and a story that features the unique selling point of multiple endings. The narrative is simple, but the most important thing here is the theme.

NeverAwake is a game that is full of colorful characters and a unique set of enemies, it’s time to put an end to all those bad experiences that once followed you through the land of awakening.

So what sets NeverAwake apart from its contemporaries?

A quite original story, the protagonist, Rem, who coincidentally is asleep, enters. It is your job as the player to analyze all kinds of nightmares that he has in hopes of helping him wake up. There is also a bit more to her story, namely glimpses of her daily life when she was awake and the different items from her nightmares. From vegetables to dogs, to a hospital and even dreaded schoolmates, NeverAwake touches on subjects that might touch you in your own life as well. It works because there’s surely at least something here that you might have had nightmares about, and through those experiences it’s easy to relate to Rem’s conflict. So incredibly, this game manages to arouse a lot of empathy on our side.

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Each level we play will find ourselves punctuated by various enemies that change greatly between stages. For example, you’ll find spitting tomatoes and grotesque-looking peas in the plant world. There are barking dogs in the dog park world and the hospital has you traveling through someone’s body and fighting things like viruses and dodging syringes. It’s disturbing, to say the least.

While each world has its own theme, some of the same enemies persist throughout, which is a take it or leave it situation. On one hand, it would have been nice to see a bit more variety in some stages, but on the other hand, at least you have an idea of ​​the attack patterns and can react accordingly.

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Playing and being good at NeverAwake doesn’t require any familiarity with the Shoot ‘Em Up genre; in fact, this is quite a simple game that will make it very easy for you to get familiar with it.

You can control Rem very easily with the joystick. Press one button to run and dodge while another launches its special attack to help you get out of sticky situations. There is also an auto aim option that can be enabled in the game settings.

Your goal will be to collect 100% of a currency called souls. Souls are obtained by defeating certain enemies and are collected by Rem as he progresses through the scrolling levels. By completing each stage, you will start receiving unlocks and upgrades for Rem. These souls come into play here specifically, as you can buy different weapon upgrades, defense and strength items, and others that will improve your stats during battle.

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NeverAwake gets harder with each loop in play. Things can get especially tricky in stages with tricks like dodging impervious objects or when a larger number of mobs spawn just as the cycle resets.

On PS5 the game flows quite well, with enviable execution stability, apart from the fact that loading times are considerably reduced.

This kind of single minded desEsports Extrasphilosophy extends to NeverAwake’s visuals. Each nightmare is painted in a gloomy but colorful way. The stylistic approach to the enemy designs and even Rem herself has a gothic undertone.

In conclusion

NeverAwake is quite a unique game. It has quite a good variety in design, the theme of the game is unique and special and quite fun. Sometimes it feels repetitive, this is its biggest sin, but this game manages to have a lot of fun and give us a very good gaming experience.

This review was made thanks to a copy for PS5 provided by Phoenixx Inc

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