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Never-before-seen Dead Rising 5 gameplay leaked: this is why Capcom canceled it | we are xbox

Capcom started a well-known franchise among gamers a few years ago, more specifically in 2009, the Japanese studio released Dead Rising to the public. This title full of zombies and initially starring the charismatic reporter Frank West gained a lot of popularity at a time when zombies were very fashionable. In 2016 we got to see the fourth numbered installment of the franchise, however, the next game in the saga was abruptly cancelled. Fortunately, now we have a gameplay of Dead Rising 5 never seen before thanks to an artist


Dead Rising originally came out as a Xbox 360 exclusive, and in its time it was a title highly praised by critics due to all the possibilities that the game offered to do in it. After time passes, Capcom was moving the saga away from its roots, leaving aside the absurd and sometimes comical of the first games to provide a more experience «serious and gloomy«. Unfortunately, this move did not go very well for them, as players were still hoping to play something similar to the title that they loved so much in 2009.

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An artist’s portfolio reveals never-before-seen Dead Rising 5 gameplay and the reasons for its cancellation

The published gameplay came to light thanks to the portfolio of an artist who, apparently, worked at Capcom Vancouver at the time of the development of this fifth installment of the saga. In this clip of just a few minutes we can appreciate the protagonist of the second game, Chuck Greene, shooting down anything that comes close. As we can see in the video, the project once again opts for a lighter tone and atmosphere, leaving the gloomy stored in a locked drawer.

The artist’s description of this video reveals some interesting details about the game, such as that would have an improved loot or looting system, in addition to the integration of new types of enemies. For their part, gamers will never be able to play this version of Dead Rising 5 as Capcom Vancouver was shut down by Capcom Japan after the release of Dead Rising 4, leading this supposedly troublesome development to be abruptly cancelled. However, Resident Evil 4 Remake is comingso the desire to return the undead to the grave can be calmed with this title that looks spectacular.

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