New Action MMORPG Released On Steam In 2021 – Lost Over 97% Of Its Players

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The . Elyon will be released on October 20th on Steam and was seen as the successor to TERA. After all, the same developer studio worked on it. But while more than 15,000 players were logged in at the same time at the start, today it only just barely reaches the 400 mark – and thus less than TERA itself. There is also bad news apart from the number of players.

What kind of game is this? Elyon is a Free2Play . and puts you in a steampunk world. There you can now choose from 7 different classes with which you can complete quests and explore the world.

But despite the good combat system and some fresh ideas for skills, Elyon could not prevail. After the news of the last few weeks and the current number of players, there are many indications that the . 2022 could already be switched off.

The new . Elyon explained in 2 minutes

Elyon struggles with criticism and weak player numbers

How did the launch of Elyon go? Even before the release, there was criticism of the .. For one, the shop offered some powerful bonuses, including XP scrolls, attribute boxes, and two buffs that bring bonuses like higher drop rates.

Second, the . felt soulless. We at MeinMMO also criticized this in our play report:

The new . Elyon won’t be a flop like Bless, but it won’t be a huge hit either

At the time of release, the . “only” had 15,500 simultaneous players and was thus far behind New World, which had appeared just a few weeks earlier. That peaked at over 900,000 concurrent players on Steam.

The reviews were also more negative. Only 48% of reviews on Steam were positive on release.

Where is Elyon today? Elyon has received a number of updates over the past few months, including the new Archer class (via YouTube), a Battle Pass, and new Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day events.

But the changes did not bring about a turnaround. In the last 24 hours, only 428 players were online at the same time in Peak. That’s only about 2.6% of the players who were there at launch. The developers are already reacting to this by merging the two European servers into one.

Elyon player numbers March 2022
Elyon player numbers from release to date. There was a brief jump up in January when the new Archer class came out (via SteamDB).

In addition, they now announced that the USAlanguage support will be deactivated. This applies to both news on the website and in-game translations (via Elyon). However, the German, French and English language support will be retained for the time being.

Elyon could die as early as 2022

How does the future of the game look like? Elyon has been running a little longer in Korea, but is no longer enjoying great success there either. Just four months after the release, the . flew out of the top 50 of the online gaming charts and merged all servers into one in July 2021.

Meanwhile, even TERA, an . made by the same developer, is coming to more players on Steam (via SteamDB). However, TERA appeared 11 years ago and also has its own clients for the EU and NA versions. The total number of players in TERA should therefore be significantly higher than Elyon.

We already expected that Elyon would struggle with the release. It’s not for nothing that the game has landed on the list of MMOs we expect to die in 2022:

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