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New Baldur’s Gate 3 hotfix breaks saves: developer is working on a solution

new baldur's gate 3 hotfix breaks saves: developer is working

In a tweet, Larian commented on current problems with loading saves and promises a remedy.

Are you currently having the problem of not being able to load your Baldur’s Gate 3 save? You are not alone with this, because a faulty hotfix build is behind it. However, the Larian development studio is aware of this and is working on a solution that hopefully won’t be too long in coming.

This is what Larian shared about Hotfix 4 for Baldur’s Gate 3

Hotfix 4 was recently released for the huge role-playing game before the next big patch is due. This is intended to eliminate some crashes and bugs, but it also creates completely new problems, as Larian has now found out for himself.


The update has already been withdrawn, but if you saved while it was live, you can no longer load the save. But don’t worry: if that’s the case for you, the adventure you have started is not lost forever. According to Larian, you should be able to load again when the “fixed” version of the hotfix goes live.

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However, Larian has not yet announced in the tweet when exactly the new update will be available. Instead, the development team apologizes for the inconvenience. In another reply to the tweet, Larian also makes it clear that you can now play and save “safely” again, since the problematic Hoftix is ​​no longer live.


Baldurs Gate 3 is a revelation in the first few minutes

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a revelation in the first few minutes

Of course we will inform you as soon as the new update is available, which also allows you to reload your currently bugged savegames. In the meantime, you will find numerous news, stories and of course guides on GamePro that will make your life in the RPG easier.


Are you one of those unlucky people who saved while the hotfix was live and can’t get into your save now?