New class for Diablo Immortal officially revealed – the first all-new hero in the series in almost 10 years!

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new class for diablo immortal officially revealed the first

Diablo Immortal is getting a whole new class.

Blizzard kicked off the developer stream tonight with big news for Diablo Immortal: a new character class is coming soon. It is the so-called Blood Knight, which was previously leaked, a vampire knight. The new class comes to the mobile game for free.

Here’s what we found out about the new character class

  • When is the Blood Knight playable? He will be added to the class lineup as early as July 13th.

Previously, six classes were selectable in Diablo Immortal. According to the developers, these were popular classes that should immediately trigger nostalgia among players. Now it’s time for the first all-new class in the Diablo franchise in years.

The Blood Knight is a “supernatural” class, and these bloodthirsty knights are created through an ancient and very dangerous ritual. The developers assume that the players will have to get used to the new class at first, but are already teasing the useful abilities of the vampire knight.

In addition, the first Diablo 4 season, the so-called Season of the Malignant, has a start date. The developers also revealed more about a whole new mechanic of the season:

You can also see all the important information in the trailer or developer update for the class:

Diablo Immortal developers introduce the new Blood Knight class

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Diablo Immortal developers introduce the new Blood Knight class

For example, he is said to have Life Steal skills and be good at bridging distances quickly. The developers even went into more detail and introduced the Shadow’s Edge ability, for example. If this is used in close combat, the knight hits his opponents, if he is further away, he throws his dagger.

For those new to Diablo Immortal, the Blood Knight is available for free right from launch, and we want the switch to be easy for those who are already playing.

Do you like this new class and would you like to see it in Diablo 4?

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