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New co-op game takes you to the Middle Ages, where you as Robin Hood go on raids with magic and machine guns

new co op game takes you to the middle ages, where

Gangs of Sherwood is an online co-op that lets you become the heroes of the Robin Hood stories. Take on one of the four roles, robbing the rich to help the poor and defeating the Nottingham army.

What is it about? In this original interpretation of Robin Hood, the hero fights alongside his squad against the evil army of Nottingham.


Harnessing the power of the Philosopher’s Stones, the Sheriff of Nottingham is stronger than ever. Now he is waiting for you in his flying castle.

Nottingham’s Merry Gang


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You play as Robin, Marian, Brother Tuck or Little John with fully customizable playstyles. Set out together to plunder riches and help the poor, spending the remaining gold on your own gear.

Use the various heroes to thwart the tyrant’s plans and liberate the people of Nottingham


When is the game out? The release is on October 19, 2023. The game will appear on Steam.

What does the trailer show? The current trailer introduces you to the “Merry Gang” in more detail.

As expected, Robin Hood is the archer of the troop and shows you his famous marksmanship even at long distances in the trailer.


Brother Tuck appears to be taking on the role of a classic tank, and in the trailer he’s seen using a powerful hammer to clobber the sheriff’s troops.

You only get a brief impression of Little John and his role can hardly be determined. But he definitely shows that he can pack a punch.

Marian seems to take on the role of an assassin with initially nondescript knives. However, it does give us our first taste of the magic that will also play a role in Gangs of Sherwood. Because she throws lightning at her enemies with her knives instead of just stabbing them.


The mix of magic, machines and the classic medieval setting makes the game look like a really interesting experience.

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