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New co-op RPG on Steam starts today, looks like a colorful Diablo in 3D, offers loot and housing

new co op rpg on steam starts today, looks like a

The new co-op RPG Wayfinder from publisher Digital Extremes will start in Early Access today on Steam as well as PS4 and PS5. The game combines dungeon crawler gameplay with roleplaying elements like housing.

Wayfinder is a dungeon crawler and action roleplaying game with multiplayer elements. In the game you slip into the role of a so-called wayfinder and take up the fight against the darkness to save the world of Evenor from chaos.


When will Wayfinder start Early Access? Wayfinder Early Access is scheduled to start today, August 17, 2023. At 19:00 the game will be available. In addition to the release on Steam, it will also be released simultaneously for PS4 and PS5.

This link will take you directly to the game’s Steam page.

Here’s a trailer for Wayfinder:


Wayfinder – Summer Game Fest Trailer

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Shouldn’t Wayfinder come sooner? Early Access was originally scheduled to start on August 15th. However, it was postponed by a few days because they wanted to remove a few problems from the version. The developers still needed some time for this (via playwayfinder). But now the errors have been ironed out and Early Access is imminent.

What is the gameplay like in Wayfinder? Similar to Diablo, you plunge into different dungeons, slay creatures of darkness and bag a lot of loot to keep improving your characters and their equipment.

The characters have individual skills and strengths in battle. For example, Niss is a nimble warrior who performs quick melee attacks, while Wingrave supports the team as a shield and healer.


In contrast to Diablo, the fantasy world in Wayfinder is much more colorful and integrates steampunk elements with magic. You can explore the permanent game world either alone or together with others in co-op.

Housing is now a new element in Early Access – including a cute pet. You can find detailed information on this here:

The new co-op RPG for Steam and PS5 introduces housing and even lets you pet pets


How much does Early Access cost in Wayfinder? If you want to play Wayfinder in Early Access, you have to buy a so-called Founder Pack.

Depending on the scope of the package, these cost between €17.99 and €129.99 (via playwayfinder). Such a package gives you access to the game as well as various exclusive Wayfinder items and customization options.

If you are still not sure whether Wayfinder is the right game for you, you can find a detailed test report on the closed beta version of the game:


New co-op RPG coming to Steam for free in 2023 – Shines with unique abilities when played

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