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New, dark survival game on Steam looks like settler meets gothic

new, dark survival game on steam looks like settler meets

The dark strategy and survival game Gord is now available on Steam and throws you into a dark world full of magic and monsters from Slavic folklore.

Gord is a city building game with survival elements from the developer studio In it you are responsible for a small village and ensure the survival of the residents and the growth of your settlement.


It thus combines strategic gameplay elements, such as those known from Settlers, and combines them with a dark fantasy world similar to Gothic.

Today, August 17th, 2023, the game had its launch and is now available for PC on Steam and GOG. Gord has also been released for the Xbox Series X|S and PS 5 platforms.

Here’s a glimpse of Gord’s gameplay:


Gord on Steam – 16 minutes of gameplay with developer commentary

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Defend your village against sinister creatures

What is the gameplay like in Gord? It’s a single player adventure with a focus on strategy. You play your way through a story or put your skills to the test in scenarios of your choice.

You take care of the satisfaction of your residents and keep expanding the settlement. But you also have to pay attention to a good defense of your facility.

Enemy tribes, magical beings and sinister monsters based on Slavic mythology are lurking around you.


In addition, you send your residents on exploration tours and complete quests. So you embark on the hunt for legendary creatures or have to reveal hidden secrets.

Here you can find a detailed review of Gord by our colleagues at GameStar (requires a Gamestar Plus subscription to see the full article).

How much is Gord? You can get the standard edition of the survival game on Steam for €34.99. Alternatively, you can buy the Deluxe Edition for €40, which includes the game, the DLC “Hold your Grounds”, the digital art book and the soundtrack (as of August 17, 2023).


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