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Elden Ring

New Elden Ring players will find it easier to find a quest that will break their heart

The vast world of Elden Ring is packed with all sorts of odd moments and interesting mysteries. However, many fans who have played the action RPG since its inception have completely missed a sad quest. Instead, it’s new players right now that the NPC Boc will break their hearts.

The authors who mainly write about Elden Ring in the MeinMMO editorial team had a common aha moment a few weeks ago. We played through FromSoftware’s action RPG 6 times with each other, and only then did we find an NPC that appeared at the very beginning.

The demi-human closer is hiding right at the 3rd Place of Grace players are scheduled to visit. It’s actually just east of where most players get the Stormwind horse.

But because it was unknowingly well hidden, most missed it completely. Ironically, the new players find him all the more easily, and thus “enjoy” his deadly sad quest.

Boc is louder after the update, but new players are the most likely to hear it

Where is the NPC hiding? Near the telescope in the Limgrave starting region, poor Boc was unwittingly turned into a bush. As such, he is waiting to finally be noticed.

Before the big update 1.03, however, this wait was mostly in vain – players just rode past him without even thinking that one of these bushes could actually be a dear NPC.

Elden Ring Boc location
About here in Limgrave Boc is hiding.

Why are new players more likely to find him? Prior to the patch, players had to veer off the main track and stand pretty much right next to Boc to hear him. But if you don’t suspect anything hidden here, you play through the whole game unknowingly and then forever miss the opportunity to find Boc before the New Game Plus.

However, because experienced players will most likely ignore this part of the map even with new runs, the chances that Boc will be found by these players are poor even after the patch.

Curiously, the new players who are most likely to follow the main path now have the best chance of finding Boc.

Because after the patch, Boc became much louder with his desperate calls, so it can be heard much better from a distance. So newcomers who will cautiously work their way up the first main street are most likely to hear these calls now.

This tweet shows how big the difference is:

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Boc’s Quest is heartbreakingly tragic even after the update

What role does Boc play in the game? From a purely gameplay perspective, missing the demi-human closer is absolutely no problem. Because Boc can customize your clothes – something you can later do yourself at any place of grace.

But from a narrative perspective, Boc’s quest is worth both starting and finishing. Without revealing too much: Boc is a likeable soul who has become an outsider from several points of view and wants nothing more than a new start.

In Elden Ring, however, few things are so simple and trouble-free. This also applies to Boc. If you missed the NPC or don’t feel like doing the quest yourself, you can see all the scenes and necessary steps in this video:

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Did you spot Boc? If so, was that before or after the update? And how did you do that? Did you like his quest? Tell us in the comments.

Boc isn’t the only example of an NPC in Limgrave surprising players. Gostoc, the gatekeeper in Stormwing Castle, is making a show of it. In fact, he cheats on you all the time in the brazen way:

Remember the one helpful NPC in Elden Ring? He brazenly stole from you the whole time

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