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New footage of the canceled DOOM that was going to have a development in the Call of Duty line comes to light

Two new clips around the gameplay of the canceled DOOM 4 have been made public to give visibility to preserving the project, since after its indefinite delay it was canceled.

Bethesda herself spoke about the project a few years later and as a curiosity we already know from the producer of id Software why it was decided to cancel DOOM 4.


But getting into the important stuff right now, from NoClip they have published a new episode of their Video Game Documentaries series, as we have been able to read through MP1st.


Unreleased DOOM 4 [cancelled] & DOOM 2016 Development Gameplay


As part of their mission to preserve the history of video games, they have recently released more video footage of the unpublished game by id Software.

This would have been called DOOM 4, its style of play would have been more similar to that of Call of Duty and perhaps more differences would have been seen with respect to modern DOOMs.


Two separate clips from that unpublished project appear in the video. The first of these focuses on a combat encounter against an enemy, while the player uses a shotgun.

In the second clip – very different from the first – a melee combat system appears that could have been present in the game.

Although in DOOM Eternal for example, this style of play is also very present when it comes to fighting demons.


By the way, in this episode you can see another separate clip where a fragment of the development of DOOM 2016 appears, the reboot of the original Doom.

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Although there are many materials in both clips shown in the game that did not end up being added to the final project of the game.

This is because those particular materials were taken from the canceled DOOM 4 to be used in the game. DOOM 2016 development and his combat style in the game.

According to past statements of the Creative Director Hugo MartinDOOM 4 was canceled because id Software and ZeniMax they mutually agreed that the game didn’t feel like DOOM.


Instead they decided to favor burying the game project and trying again from scratch. This resulted in the reboot of the saga as we know it in the 2016 project.

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