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New game will be an exciting, surprising crossover between 2 of the best games on Steam ever

Dhe co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic has 97% positive ratings on Steam. Now the team behind the title has announced a shooter in the style of the popular indie game Vampire Survivors.

What kind of game is this? Ghost Ship Games, the team behind the hit co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic, has announced Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (PC). However, unlike Deep Rock Galactic, the new title is not played in the first-person perspective and puts you in a top-down view.

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In addition, the developers describe the game on Steam as a “survivor-like auto-shooter”. This means that Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor leaves the path of the first-person co-op shooter and takes the surprise hit “Vampire Survivors” as its model.

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Nevertheless, you slip into the role of a combative and heavily armed dwarf who defends himself against alien horders with force of arms. But this time alone – Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor does not offer a co-op mode.

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Check out the announcement trailer for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor here:


Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – Announcement Trailer


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What do we know about the release? As per the announcement trailer, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will be released on Steam. At the moment, however, there is no precise release date.

However, the game’s Steam page speaks of a planned “Early Access” release date in 2023 (via Steam).

On the trail of success

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor combines the winning formula of two different games, Vampire Survivors and Deep Rock Galactic. Both have extremely positive reviews on Steam, but what are these games?


What is Deep Rock Galactic? In Deep Rock Galactic, you take on the role of dwarves who receive missions from the eponymous mining company, Deep Rock Galactic. These missions range from gathering certain resources to killing aliens. Killing aliens is the core principle of the game.

Again and again you go as a heavily armed dwarf into procedurally generated caves and slaughter hordes of aliens. In the first-person shooter you have 4 classes and various “tools” such as flamethrowers and gatling guns. The title can also be played in co-op with up to 4 players.

Deep Rock Galactic was released in 2020 and has since garnered over 150,000 reviews on Steam. Of these, a total of 97% are positive.


What is Vampire Survivors? Vampire Survivors is a popular indie game that enjoyed a lot of hype in 2022. Today, the game has over 177,000 reviews on Steam, with a strong 98% being positive.

Vampire Survivors playfully relies on a simple principle, wrapped in a pixelated retro style. You are in the top-down perspective and use the WASD keys to control a character fighting monsters in an open space. They are approaching from all sides and you have to try to survive for 30 minutes.

The title was released in Early Access on December 17, 2021. Vampire Survivors celebrated its official release in October 2022.


“I didn’t know I needed this crossover until now”

What are the first reactions to the trailer? Initial reactions to the trailer have been mostly positive, although apparently no one was expecting such an announcement.

On YouTube, user “El Burrito” aptly summarized the announcement: “This is unexpected and awesome.”

The comments on Ghost Ship Games’ YouTube channel also look similar (via YouTube):

  • Nutz: “I usually don’t like top-down games, but this one caught my attention and interest.”
  • coldfries: “I didn’t know I needed this crossover until now. It just fits perfectly! Survivor likes are one of my favorite genres. Many games try to create a unique experience, some succeed, some fail. But turning one of my favorite games of all time into a Survivor-like? That’s brilliant.”
  • big slaps: “Apparently it’s going to be a ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ style Vampire Survivors. Looks cool.”

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