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New Gothic 1 Remake trailer raises fans’ hopes: “Show the gaming industry that Baldur’s Gate 3 is not an anomaly” | Discover News

The first part of the Gothic trilogy gets its own remake. However, the title is not being developed by the German development studio Piranha Bytes as originally, but by the USAcolleagues from Alkimia Interactive. Now the studio is showing a new trailer that has fans over the moon.

What’s in the trailer? Translated, the video means something like “Welcome to the Old Camp”. This is one of the factions that the player could join in the original Gothic.


Attentive viewers should notice many details from the original part. The huge castle and the battle arena were prominent locations. You can see some diggers grilling a Scavanger over a campfire – one of the iconic enemies from Gothic.

There’s even a reunion with a familiar character: Mud. In Gothic he was an annoying babbler and also in the remake he seems to be a poor sausage who has no friends.

You can see the trailer for Gothic 1 Remake on MeinMMO:


Trailer for Gothic 1 Remake invites you to the old camp

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What do fans like about the trailer? In a playable demo three years ago that our colleagues at GameStar made a video of, players complained that the raw feel of the old parts didn’t come across.

The world would look far too colorful and the dialogues would not be tough enough. The optics of the opponents and the equipment would not have reminded many players of the old Gothic.


But the new trailer looks different. It seems that the development team has taken the criticism of the fans to heart and has now screwed up the visuals of the game a bit.

Instead of a colorful world, there is a monotonous color palette that fits the setting better than in the playable demo. Also, the audio now becomes raspy when the player tries to sneak into a house and rob a digger.

Unfortunately, the trailer still doesn’t reveal when the remake of Gothic 1 will be released. According to Esports, it was announced earlier this year that “2024 would be a realistic release window.” Then Gothic 1 Remake will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


However, we should wait until more official information about the game is released. So far there was only the old camp and the mines to see.

If you’re more waiting for an MMO in the Gothic game, this unofficial project might be something for you: Gothic stole my youth – Now it’s coming as an MMO and that’s the rest for me