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New Kirby merch items arrive in Japan

Bandai Spirits has announced, as has become the custom in Japan, a new Ichiban Kuji lottery called “A New Pupupu Lifestyle!” (A new Pupupu lifestyle!). This new wave will include Kirby merchandise and will be released on April 22, 2023 in Lawson and more locations in Japan.

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As in the past, each ticket will cost around 700 yen and will include a sure prize from the following:

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Prize A – Kirby Plush
Prize B – Kirby UFO Lamp
Prize C – Kirby and Waddle Dee Figures
Prize D – Kirby and Waddle Dee Cup
Award E – Towel Collection
F Award – Rubber Selection “Help Anywhere”
G Award – Fashion Stationery
Ultimate Prize – Kirby & Elfilin Plush

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What do you think? Would you like to participate? You can leave it in the comments.