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New Lord of the Rings movies are coming

With the increasing number of content based on the Lord of the Rings franchise being released in recent years both in video games and on television, we all knew something like this was going to happen at some point.

And it is that Variety has reported that during a meeting with the shareholders of Warner Bros. Discovery (yes, in the same one in which they inadvertently announced Mortal Kombat 12), the production company announced that it has reached an agreement with Middle-Earth Enterprises to make “multiple” new Lord of the Rings movies.

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The projects will be directed by New Line Cinema, and will be new adaptations from the works of JRR Tolkien.

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As for more precise details like release dates, cast, plot, directors, etc., none of this has been addressed yet, which means we’ll have to hold our breath and wait for more information on the movies in the future.

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What has been added is that Peter Jackson and those involved in the award-winning blockbusters that arrived in the early 2000s are being informed “every step of the way”, so it seems that the legacy of the material will be respected. original film, at least.

New Lord of the Rings movies are coming

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