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New MMORPG advertises 6 fake tests from gaming sites – but the scam is exposed | Discover News

new mmorpg advertises 6 fake tests from gaming sites

The new . “Magic to Master” is trying to raise money via Kickstarter. The company advertises with fantastic sounding reviews from major US gaming sites describing how great the . is: Groundbreaking, 5 stars out of 5, all great. The problem: None of the sites have ever tested the game, let alone written about it.

What kind of game is this?

  • “Magic to Master” is actually a fantasy . from 2009, which is now to be relaunched – the location of the new project is Budapest.
  • The game offers 4 classes, it advertises Hack’n Slash Combat, wants to offer PvE and PVP.
  • The game is now bidding on Kickstarter for the modest sum of $25,220 – but there might be problems raising the money.

The developers of “Magic to Master” present their game in the video

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. tops 5-star reviews praising the game to the skies

Here’s how the . solicited money: The . has published a total of 6 reviews from well-known US gaming sites, which praise the game highly and give it 5 out of 5 stars (via

  • MassivelyOp reportedly said the game had “well designed combat systems” but the “PvP combat system is a game changer.” That would set Magic to Master apart from other .s.
  • GameRant raves about a “classic old-school ..” It’s impressive that a small team can deliver something so big.
  • says it is a top-tier ..

What is the problem? As Massivelyop points out, this test was never written. Nobody played the game at all. You don’t do any tests, and certainly not such tests.

The editor-in-chief also etches: If someone had given her a test like this, with so many typos, words arbitrarily bold and a complete lack of any substance, she would have prompted a major revision of the text.

. says: In the excitement, a mistake happened – tests were just placeholders

What does the . say? After they were blown, the creators say (via twitter): The tests were just “placeholders” that shouldn’t have gone online. You don’t have any reviews yet and just forgot to take these placeholders offline. You were too excited.

Now they apologize for the “misunderstanding”, the reviews have been deleted.

Of the $26,220 that the . wants to earn, you currently only have $1,500 together. Let’s see if there will be many more supporters after the number.


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