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New MMORPG by ex-Blizzard employees should only appear in Germany, relies on Free2Play without an in-game shop

The new . Teredor (PC and mobile) does not only come from Germany, it should also only appear in Germany for the time being. The game dares an exciting experiment in its monetization. It would like to do without an in-game shop and still remain Free2Play.

What is this .? Teredor comes from Germany and is developed by ex-Blizzard employees. They want to bring back an old school feel and mix that with exciting new features. The main role model is World of Warcraft, but before Wrath of the Lich King. WoW was fun back then, the developers write on their website.

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Graphically, the . relies on a pleasant, not very realistic graphic style, which, however, can score with hand-drawn backgrounds. You explore an open world in 3rd person, which also has different biomes to offer in 25 zones.

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What are the features of Teredor? In addition to the already known features, there is still a lot that the . has planned. Here is a brief overview of what Teredor wants to be:

  • “Holy Trinity” class system of healer, tank and DD
  • 10 different classes, which can also be changed during your journey
  • Pets that don’t just look cute. Later, pets should be able to be used both in combat and as a mount
  • Meaningful professions, such as the pet trainer, who can teach animals new skills
  • Dungeons for solo players, groups of 3, 5 and 10
  • World events, bosses and raids
  • PvP battles with up to 40 players and PvP arenas
  • Housing
  • Different factions
  • Special focus on player feedback and no in-game shop. Teredor should only live on player donations
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Old school can still work today:


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“We place a bet on the players”

No ingame shop, still Free2Play: Especially in monetization, Teredor would like to dare an experiment that has not existed before. Although the game is Free2Play when it appears, it completely dispenses with the classic sources of income of this business form.


There is no in-game shop, no extra currency, no Pay2Win or Pay2Progress items and nothing else comparable. Instead, Teredor would like to be financed entirely through donations from German players. For example via platforms like Patreon or directly via the game website.

For their donations, the players then get smaller, personalized content in Teredor, such as an NPC with their name, a quest that they can help shape, or even their own little mini-game in the world of Teredor (via

Why the experiment? The developers say they want to work with the community to create the .. In this way, potential players should be involved in important decisions and processes at an early stage.


Monetization is another step on this path. One hopes that this will make players feel even more connected to the world of Teredor than they already are. At the same time, the developers want fans to fall in love with the game so much that they pay, simply because they want to support the game themselves.

Release could take even longer

When does Teredor appear? This is currently completely unknown. The first entry on the game’s website dates from August 18, 2022, shortly after there was a playable demo at Gamescom. After that, the game quieted down.

It was not until February 20, 2023 that the developers shed light on their monetization concept and explained what it was all about. The studio has also set up a Patreon page, but so far there are still 0 supporters listed (as of February 24, 2023). So everything indicates that the project is still in the starting blocks.


An exact release date is therefore still a long way off, and the developers have not yet specified a period of time. When it comes to the platforms themselves, the statement is limited to “PC and mobile”, more precise details are not yet available. However, if you follow Teredor’s concept, this can also be decided by the community.

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