New MMORPG on Steam focuses on exploring varied islands, will start beta in 2023 | Discover News

new mmorpg on steam focuses on exploring varied islands, will

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New MMORPG on Steam focuses on exploring varied islands, will start beta in 2023 | Discover News

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WorldShards is a new indie . that promises you a lot of freedom. The focus is on a colorful fantasy world with countless flying, procedurally generated islands. You should be able to fight, collect and build your own house on these. Cats also play an important role.

What kind of game is this? WorldShards is a sandbox game. So you don’t necessarily follow the quests, but have the freedom to enjoy the game the way you want. You are a human and have been transported to the world of Murrlandia, ruled by cats.

However, there was a “CAT-a-strophe” that destroyed the world. You now have the task of rebuilding them.

  • There are no classes. Instead, your playstyle is shaped by the weapon and armor you carry. There are also no levels, instead you improve your skills in a targeted manner.
  • The . uses an action-combat system in which you can sneak up on enemies and take them out without attracting attention.
  • The game world should be very varied thanks to the many islands and exploration is in the foreground. You should be able to discover mysteries, solve puzzles and fight against difficult bosses. Each island is only generated for your group. You meet other players primarily in the cities.
  • You have your own island where you can build a house and workbenches. There will also be a guild island.
  • Crafting is said to play an important role.
  • PvP, on the other hand, only takes place in special arenas. The focus of the game should be on PvE, exploring and social contacts.

WorldShards shall offer a German translation for the interface and for subtitles; however, the voice output will only be in English.

When is the game out? The full release for PC is planned for Q3 2024. This can be concluded from a detailed roadmap on the website. It will also be released for consoles later.

However, a multiplayer beta is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2023. Precisely for this beta you can register now.

Check out the beta announcement trailer here:

WorldShards – Closed Beta Gameplay Trailer

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The beta is free and starts with over 500 crafting recipes

How to join the beta? All you have to do is register on the official website. It is sufficient to enter an e-mail address. The selected participants will be notified by email when the beta starts.

What’s in the beta? According to the roadmap you should be able to visit the tutorial, the capital and the first islands. There you will find various quests and challenges.

In addition, there is already housing with decorations, gardening, fishing and some collectibles There will also be a system with more than 500 recipes for crafting fans.

How is the game financed? There is no statement on this yet. Accordingly, there are no pre-order packages or the like.

However, many developers from Lowkick Games previously worked on games such as World of Tanks or Allods Online, i.e. Free2Play MMOs with a shop. The FAQ states that all items in the game must either be found or crafted by players. It will probably come down to a cosmetic shop.

What do you think of WorldsShard? Could the sandbox . with a focus on PvE and cats excite you?

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