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New MMORPG on Steam gets 90% positive reviews – “Just wanted to test, now have 122 hours”

With Summoners War: Chronicles, a new . was released on March 6, 2023 in Europe, America and Japan on Steam, which can also be played on mobile and relies on gacha mechanics. In the last 7 days the game has received 90% positive reviews and MeinMMO took a look at the reactions to the game.

Mobile, gacha, autoplay – many . fans are already switching to these keywords.


That’s exactly what the new Summoners War: Chronicles on Steam is all about, and if you haven’t clicked away yet, we’ll show you what fans are celebrating about the game and where it gets criticism.

At least the reviews are currently going through the roof. For a glimpse of the style of the game, take a look at the trailer:


Summoners War: Chronicles cinematic trailer

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Nothing for classic . players

What kind of game is this? Summoners War: Chronicles is an . with anime graphics and an action combat system. You play a summoner, collect monsters via a loot box or gacha system and collect tons of materials to activate improvements or upgrades.


Like many other games in this field – such as Genshin Impact or Tower of Fantasy – Summoners War: Chronicles is Pay2Win and Pay2Progress. If you want to compete at the top of PvP or progress quickly, then the wallet has to take it.

However, similar to Genshin Impact, Summoners War: Chronicles can also be enjoyed as a Free2Play player. It satisfies the passion for collecting, offers a complex combat system and lots of content.

An . is currently successful on Steam, but it is not aimed at typical . players


What are players saying? The reviews on Steam paint a clear picture (via Steam). There are those players who prefer the more classic . mechanics and here they are in for the heaviest cash grab available on Steam.

  • Monstermoe: Dirt! […] Not even started and I already have money to spend.”
  • Headless Pilot: “Typical ‘pay as much as you can’ game.”
  • Crazyus: “This is not a game, this is a reward simulator.”

And indeed, the drop rates are sometimes absurdly low. In some gacha boxes, called scrolls here, the chance of certain 5-star characters is 0.0002%. Often there are several of these characters in the box, which increases the chance again.

However, there are many players with high play times who have been playing Summoners War: Chronicles before the western release and who have a lot of good things to say about the game:

  • John Forest: “Creating 4 and 5 star characters is very expensive. But if you focus your resources on the 3-star units, then you can easily pull off the story content. I didn’t hit a ‘difficulty wall’ and I’ve been at it for 40 hours.”
  • Riktor: “Recommendation if you like gachas. Not recommended if you despise mobile game microtransactions.”
  • Teuing Ah Teu Nyaho: “It’s not Pay2Win if you’re just looking for a PvE game on the side. If you want to play the PvP arena, it’s full Pay2Win.”
  • Giip: “I actually just wanted to test it for an hour or two. But hey… it exceeded my expectations and here I am with 122 hours and recommending the game.”

Similar to Diablo: Immortal, opinions differ. If you’re generally prone to breaking out your wallet for little things in a game like this, then it’s best to stay away from Summoners War: Chronicles.

If you are looking for a fun anime . to keep you busy on the couch after work, then take a look.


Summoners War: Chronicles is not for everyone, but already has many fans and admirers. It keeps you busy and can keep running in autoplay mode if you don’t feel like it or don’t have the time.

Browsing through the reviews, you’ll notice that there really are a lot of players with over 1,000 hours in the game. That speaks for the amount of content, but also shows the grind that can flow in here.

For a little boost, here are some codes for the game: Summoners War Chronicles: Redeem Codes in March 2023.


Leave your opinion about the game or recommend games that you have discovered in the comments.