New multiplayer in the Hello Neighbor universe lets you become little engineers

new multiplayer in the hello neighbor universe lets you become

Tom Henry

New multiplayer in the Hello Neighbor universe lets you become little engineers

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Your creativity is required in this spin-off of the scary game series. Any machine, no matter how strangely assembled, can lead you to victory here. Because the following applies: as long as it fulfills its task, your creation is a success!

What is it about? In Hello Engineer you are once again on the run alone or together with 3 friends. This time you have been kidnapped by your creepy neighbors in a bizarre amusement park from which you have to escape. Collect scrap to build unique machines with which you can challenge the neighbor and his evil bots. Whether you reach your destination rolling, flying or hopping is up to your creativity.

When does it appear? The game will be out today at 6:00 p.m. You can already follow the countdown to the release on

It will be released for PS4, Xbox and PC.

Machines fighting the neighbors

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What does the trailer show? The trailer shows you the construction mechanics. You use the scrap from the park, among which you will also find engines, gearboxes, but also weapons and jet engines, to arm your machines for the escape. There seem to be many different features that you need to use to adapt your creations to your changing needs.

The various machines in the trailer show that there doesn’t seem to be a prescribed solution for this. The different levels will always present you with different challenges, for which it is necessary to desEsports Extrasa machine that will take you to the goal.

It can happen that some machines become so complex that you can only control them as a team and only reach your goal together.

The trailer doesn’t show whether you can expect a big story. Lots of building fun and wild rides are perhaps worth a look.

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