New Naruto Characters Coming to Fortnite This Week

Tom Henry

New Naruto Characters Coming to Fortnite This Week

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It’s been a few days since the arrival of new naruto characters to Fortnite Battle Royale and now we know that they will arrive this week. Confirmation comes thanks to ads posted on the streets of Japanshared by the community in RRSS.

Orochimaru, Hinata, Gaara and Itachi: when are they available?

According to the mentioned announcements, which you can see shared by @Hypex (among many other members of the community of fortnite battle royaleconfirm the arrival of the new characters for the next friday, june 24.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Season 3 now available!

In case you have forgotten, the new characters of Naruto, which will be available in the item shop of the game, they are Orochimaru, Itachi, Gaara and Hinataas filtered a few days ago

If they will arrive in exchange for paVos or real money, as well as the possible packs and price is not yet confirmed, although it is to be assumed that they will follow in the wake of the previous skins and can be purchased with in-game money. It is quite possible that tomorrow, with the weekly update of the game, more information will arrive via data miners.

We remind you that we have a full guide for Season 3, Episode 3 of fortnite battle royalewhere we will tell you everything you need to get everything in the successful Epic Games game.

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